Dissolving Borders | Day 5 in Peru | Exploring Lima & the Surco YMCA


Today we actually had a minute to enjoy the beautiful city of Lima!

Our host Paco took us on a tour of a Franciscan Cathedral and the catacombs. I was most fascinated by the beautiful tile work that reminded me of Morocco and Spain. Immediately outside we were offered churros which were stuffed with caramel. Who could say no? Absolutely delicious! We also made a quick stop into the chocolate museum to do a tasting of chocolate tea and Suspiro Limeno.


We made it to the Plaza Mayor so we could see El Palacio de Govierno and the Lima Cathedral.

We tried to stay on schedule to get to the Surco Y (about 20 miles from where we stayed) but it took about an hour and a half to get to that area. Traffic here is a beast!! As seems to be required here, we stopped for lunch and I finally got my ceviche! It was fantastic along with the freshest octopus I ever had. After the delicious lunch it was time for our work day to begin.


We went to the Surco branch and got a tour from the executive director, Luis. (We spent last Sunday with him as well watching Peru beat Saudi Arabia in futbol.) Surco is a fitness, membership and afterschool facility.



What was most interesting is that they have managed to engage their members ages 25 to 29 in social programs. Claudia (director of the program) shared that it has been difficult but she is proud of her progress. In Surco they also have a growing senior member population which we discussed in depth. However, I must admit, translating “Pickleball” into Spanish was a futile exercise! Their afterschool program focuses on continued learned and the expectation of parents is that their child will do better in school as a result of participating in the program. They did have the most difficult time understanding that our program is to support the working parent rather than continue the education process.



Luis was sure to tell us that in Peru they “Live to eat, not eat to live!” So, of course, they made more food for us to eat during the meeting that went well into the evening.

I think exhaustion has finally set in, when we got back to our hostel at 9pm we passed out! (except for Eva who finally got to catch up with her sister who lives here).

Only two days left and still so much to do!


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