Dissolving Borders | Day 2 in Peru | Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!


Our second day in Peru started off with our first primal fitness class in Peru. It was actually a wonderful experience. The instructor (profesor as his shirt said) was very welcoming and asked our names. Pamela sounds much better with a Spanish accent! And I found out Pame is short for Pamela here. We started warming up for 10 minutes on the spin bikes and then moved to the actual workout. There were wall balls, squats, and interestingly “Burpee” is also “Burpee” in Spanish – and just as painful to everyone in the class! Some things have no language barrier!

We came back to our hostel to change clothes and our wonderful host, Roberto, had breakfast ready for us! Maybe my husband can learn from Roberto!

The majority of the day consisted of meetings. Our first meeting was with the CEO (Secretaria General) and the Board of Directors including the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. The second meeting was with the Executive Director and the Directors of Fitness, Group Exercise, and Active Older Adult Programming. (The trip this year for the Active Older Adults (Adultos Mayores) is in Panama…which might be a cool opportunity for our Community Outreach and Seniors specialist, Lisa Meyers!) We exchanged ideas and thoughts and had some great conversations.



What I've learned: 


Slow my pace down, enjoy the moment – don’t worry so much about when the meeting starts or when it ends. It will end when it ends.
I will not go hungry – with every meeting there is a snack and the offer the most delicious coffee! Lunch is a 3 course meal at the Y – a Russian Salad (they don’t know why it is called that!), Chicken Breast, Rice, French Fries with a great spicy sauce Rocoto and then a dessert of apple pie or cheesecake. After the lastmeeting we enjoyed empanadas – beef (Lomo Saltado), chicken (Aji de Gallina) and cheese (queso).

Our joining fee is much less than Peru’s – we are $95 and, depending on the membership type, Peru’s is up to $900.00 depending on the membership type! 






The Peru Y is huge - It took two different tours to cover the entire building and I’m still not sure we saw all of it.
Their teen programming is amazing and something we can learn from!


Oh – I forgot to mention, we are trying really hard to remember the rule to not flush toilet paper. This one is tough! 

Can't wait to see what Day 3 brings!


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