Summit Area YMCA President & CEO Paul Kieltyka Honored At Good Scouts Awards Dinner

APRIL 26, 2018 – Every year, the Boy Scouts of America, Patriots’ Path Council honor outstanding citizens for their leadership and service to the Summit Community at a Summit Good Scouts Awards Dinner. The organization provides programs and services that help young people to make ethical decisions in their lives by teaching values of good character, citizenship and personal fitness. For 2018, five citizens were chosen to be recognized, and of them, Summit Area YMCA’s President and CEO, Paul Kieltyka.


The goals and mission of the Boy Scouts of America fall parallel to that of the Summit Area YMCA, whose core values revolve around supporting our youth, our community’s health, and encouraging volunteerism and philanthropy to our neighbors.

“My early years as a Boy Scout certainly helped lead me into a career of servant leadership with the Y. At the Y we stand for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.” said Paul. “Youth development is not just learning your ABC’s or learning how to dribble a basketball, like the scouts it is about character development. Healthy Living is not just about how fast you can run or how much weight you can lift, the scouts remind you it is also about a strong mind and a strong spirit. Social responsibility is not just about giving back to your community, the scouts teach the lifelong lesson that civic engagement is only worthy if you truly care to make a difference everyday.”

Other honored citizens who exemplified the values of the Boy Scouts and who make a difference in the community included:

Celia Colbert - a trustee of the Summit Area Public Foundation and the Summit Free Public Library

Diane Gallo – Active Member and Past President of the Summit League of Women Voters and Current Board President of the Board of Dreamcatch Repertory Theatre in Summit.

Pamela Gumport – Past Boarch Chair of Bridges Outreach Inc. and Treasurer at Reed-Reeves Arboretum.

Greg Hybl – Assistant Scoutmaster in Boy Scout Troop 67 in Summit and current Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Strategic Partnerships of Amex, and currently board member of United Negro College Fund.

The Summit Area YMCA is proud to have a President & CEO who equally and unequivocally serves and helps spearhead programs and services to help fill the gaps within our community.



About the Summit Area YMCA
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