Have Fun While You Plank?

Yes, it's true! Skeptical? Here’s how it works.... 

The Stealth is like a balance board. The platform sits on an unstable base, and you rest your forearms on top, in plank position. Between your arms, there is a slot for your phone. This interactive gaming app works via your smartphone and includes various game challenges to help you build your core while you're focused on the game. "Nothing can take the place of a real coach", creator Howard Panes says, but "the idea is that it’s so much fun that you don’t necessarily realize what an aggressive workout you’ve having!"

Once you hit start on the video game, you play by changing your plank position ever so slightly to explode colorful targets. Each round consists of isometric plank holds, subtle forward and backward tilts, and twists and dips to work your obliques.

Find out for yourself by giving it a try today! Stealth boards are available in the Fitness Center at the Summit YMCA! Learn more about Stealth at: stealthbodyfitness.com

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