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Celebrating the Lunar New Year | Blog Post by Francesca Garrard

On Saturday, February 10th the Summit Area YMCA hosted a Lunar New Year Festival in partnership with the Berkeley Heights Diversity Council, a community volunteer organization. We gathered Y staff (led by our superbly creative Marketing Manager, Jenny Hui and our Executive Director, Tiffany Escott) along with community members and formed a planning committee. What started as a meeting to choose the date for the event ended in a huge list of activities, performers and food that we could potentially have for the festival. Everyone immediately got to work sending emails, making phone calls, sending texts, making Google Docs and having conference calls.

When the day arrived, everyone was ready to hit the ground running. We knew this was going to be a special day. Decorations filled every wall, corner and ceiling tile of the building. Lanterns, lights and dragons filled the rooms. Our Executive Director, Tiffany Escott said “It was wonderful to see people from the community walking into our facility to come together and celebrate!"

Throughout the afternoon, more and more people arrived, some in traditional dress. They ate authentic food from local restaurants, watched performances of Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, Lion Dances, Korean Drum and even danced in a Dragon Parade! Children made their own Korean drums to take home, colored pictures of traditional outfits, put a wish in the wishing tree and learned some Chinese calligraphy (with the help of a very cute dog, to help celebrate the Year of the Dog!) It was an afternoon to remember.

Every day at the Summit Area Y we strive to incorporate our Inclusion Resolutions in everything that we do. Bringing together the community to celebrate is one we love most. Seeing your facility filled with people smiling, talking, listening, watching and creating together is a feeling that makes all the hard work worth it. Our two-hour festival flew by, but knowing we are spreading culture and community values to everyone that attended is a feeling that will go far past those two hours.

Jenny Hui, our Festival leader and Marketing and Creative Services Manager told me “The event was meant to share all of these cultural experiences, and to bring together the idea that anyone can celebrate the holiday and enjoy it in their own way, regardless of who you are or where you or your family comes from. It’s exactly what the Y mission is about and how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis to serve the community. I hope that people enjoyed the festival and learned a little bit about how the holiday is observed in other cultures, and that it encourages them to engage in more welcoming, inclusive activities and practices in their daily lives.”


Francesca garrard
berkeley heights ymca program director

"I started working at a YMCA when I was in High School helping out with childcare and volunteering at weekend events. Years later after moving back to NJ, I am so proud to be a team member once again. The sense of community you find at the Y is unlike anywhere else, and it keeps me motivated to be a better person and to create programs that better our youth. Since so much is learned in the early years, I believe it is important that we help and nurture the creative, intelligent, independent and healthy children of the future!"

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