Volunteers Needed for Senior Spa Days


Join the Summit Area YMCA in connecting local seniors with the community through a monthly series of Spa Days at the Vito Gallo Summit Senior Center. The series is brought to the community by the Y’s Togetherhood™ program, a member-led community service program in which members plan and participate in volunteer projects facilitated by the Summit Area YMCA. The Togetherhood™ committee is looking for volunteers for the Senior Spa Days to help provide hand massages and light manicures to residents to provide fellowship, increase confidence, and brighten their day.


July 15; August 12; September 16; October 14; November 11; December 16.

The events take place from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The massages/manicures not only offer physical benefits such as pain relief from arthritis and improved circulation, but also provide relaxation and a social connection for the seniors. These events allow the residents to socialize and interact with each other and the volunteers which help minimize isolation that many seniors may experience. According to AARP, the increase in which adults do not have children within the past few decades have consequentially led to fewer family members that are able to provide the care and company that adults need as seniors. Senior isolation can be alarming and even harmful, as the lack of social interactions and contacts decrease over time due to death, lack of mobility, retirement and more. Extended loneliness and perceived loneliness can contribute to not only cognitive decline, but also in increase in the risk for dementia, depression, high blood pressure and more. Participating volunteers also report an increased sense of fulfillment, meeting new friends, and gaining more understanding and knowledge from their conversations with the elder generation.

The Summit Area YMCA’s Togetherhood™ Program is committed to supporting the communities we serve through senior outreach, cultural engagement, and special projects such as the Senior Fun Days, SHIP (Summit Helping Its People) food drives, and more. To learn more about Togetherhood™ and these projects, please visit: https://www.thesay.org/Volunteering/Togetherhood

“The Summit Area YMCA’s Togetherhood™ program is a great way for Y members, families, and people of all ages and backgrounds to become more socially responsible in the community. The Y cause is to strengthen community, and we believe connecting people together is one way to do it. We had volunteers joining us in previous events that ranged from 7 to 70 years old!” said Patty Facchinei, Volunteer Coordinator at the Summit YMCA, a branch of the Summit Area YMCA.

For more information and to volunteer please contact:

Patty Facchinei (P) 908-273-3330 x1174 (E) patty.facchinei@thesay.org or Lisa Meyers (P) 908-273-3330 x1186 (E) lisa.meyers@thesay.org.

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