Luncheon with the Mayor Connects Community

On Monday, June 12, 2017, the Summit YMCA hosted a "Lunch with the Mayor" event to break down barriers and connect communities through conversation and food. 17 community members were in attendance as they discussed with the mayor on various topics including communication methods, Summit's future, Summit downtown, pedestrian and bike routes, and more. 

Mayor Radest discussed ways to share and receive information, primarily through the main methods of Swift Reach (emergency notifications), Nixle, Next Door, Report a Concern,, Ledger Local,,

With the new city website having launched since March of 2016, the website now has a section where residents can “express a concern” where issues will be addressed in a timely manner.

Community members and Mayor Nora Radest also discussed Summits’ Revision for its master plan, which is reexamined every 10 years. Residents, businesses, nonprofits and community leaders have been meeting to determine Summit’s Future. Highlighted Items from this research are the importance of a vital downtown, safe walking and biking routes, sidewalk additions in key areas to link downtown with schools and entertainment options such as a movie theater. The mayor also discussed Community Policing and Fire initiatives and some of Summits environmental initiatives like the Trails project, Summit Free Market, and Sustainable Jersey.

“It was a great luncheon with wonderful food. Thanks to the Y for getting the Mayor to come," said Inge Willers, participant of the luncheon event. "It was very interesting and informative."

The YMCA serves all residents of the community and is instrumental in bringing people together from all backgrounds to discuss a common interest.
We thank the Mayor for her time and dedication.

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