As we start to pull out our cozy sweaters and pack away our summer gear, let's revel in the unforgettable moments we shared. Our cooking classes? They transformed us from novice chefs to culinary artists, all while sharing hearty laughs. Our local travel escapades took us on surprising journeys, making every day feel like a new adventure. Those morning swims were not merely about cooling off; they were the heartbeats of our summer mornings, and oh, the exhilaration of gaga ball! From the cheers to the playful competition, every moment was infused with joy.

Yet, it wasn’t just the activities that made this summer special. It was the bond, the camaraderie, and the unity of our YMCA family that truly lit up the season. Watching friendships flourish and seeing memories crafted was the true magic of this summer.

Thank you to each and every member, parent, and staff for making this summer epic. The chilly winds of winter might be around the corner, but the warmth of this summer will keep our hearts toasty till we meet again next year. Here’s to more adventures and memories with Summit Area YMCA!

Cheers to next summer!


For a delightful trip down memory lane, don't miss out on our curated photo gallery! It captures the essence, the joy, and the spirit of the summer we shared. To relive those precious moments, simply press the button below.




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