• Danielle A

  • Frank A

    Personal Trainer

    "Fitness has been a large part of my life to control my weight."

    I was a college football and wrestling athlete, and my personal training has focused on strength and flexibility. I also played football at 350+ pounds so fitness has been a large part of my life to control my weight.


    AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
    Johnny G Spin certification
    Shwinn Spin certification

  • Ingrid A

    "I am grateful for the YMCA, the variety and quality of classes are outstanding. The YMCA is the gem of Summit, NJ."


    • 200 hour Yoga Certified

  • Jay A

    Personal Trainer

    “My goal is to motivate and coach people to safely step up their game and get in better condition today than they were yesterday.”

    Jay’s Training Philosophy focuses on working at a high intensity level using body weight exercises, functional training, explosive movements and interval training while keeping form and safety in the forefront.


    NETA certified
    Speed and agility training
    Sport specific off season and preseason athletic conditioning
    Plyometric training and functional movement

  • Kakim A

    "I work at the YMCA so I can give back to the local community, and help youth and adults achieve a good and healthy lifestyle."

  • Patsey A

    I really love teaching Yoga as it gives me great pleasure to guide my students towards achieving increased strength and toning and a positive a sense of well being. I teach Yoga as a practice of techniques for finding balance and harmony within oneself and others.  The poses/postures I teach are based on alignment and a system of stretches, balances, twists and bends that exercise the whole body. Practicing these poses focuses the mind and has an overall deeply calming effect on mind, body and soul.


    200 hour Yoga Instructor at Vibhuti Yoga School in 2006
    150 hours of yoga instruction at the Himalayan Institute in 2008

  • Terri A

    “My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether your mission is increasing your fitness levels to enhance everyday life or training for increased performance, I truly enjoy helping develop the skills and habits to get you there.”

    Terri’s first loves were track (high jump, long jump, hurdles, etc) and soccer. In addition to personal training, Terri also teaches group exercise classes such as Pound and Body Sculpt at the Y.

    •BS in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers
    •ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor

  • Anita B

  • Bulbul B

    Yoga, reiki and meditation is my passion. I love practicing it and studying about it and talking about it. Practicing alone is fun but practicing with friends and family is joy and Summit Y is my family it’s my 2nd home I love to share my knowledge with others here.

    Yoga/Reiki certified

  • Lori B

    The members and staff make the Y a great place to be. It has a great sense of community and a welcoming feel every time you walk through the doors.


    Cycle Reebok Group cycling certification
    ACE group exercise


  • Marilou B

    The Group Fitness Classes at the Y are what started me on my fitness journey. I am extremely thankful for the support, friendships and the inspiration the Y community has given me and in return hope to share my passion for fitness with others and help inspire them on their path to well-being.

    Les Mills BodyCombat AIM1
    Les Mills BodyPump AIM1
    Les Mills CXWORX
    TRX Certified

  • Marjorie B

    I teach at the YMCA because I support their commitment to creating and supporting community.

    Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT)
    Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

  • Megan B

    Megan is a Pilates, Barre-Sculpt and Dance-Cardio Instructor. She found her way into the fitness world after an injury took her away from her career as a dancer. She is now a passionate fitness/dance instructor with certifications in, Pilates, Zena Rommett Floor-Barre, and American Ballet Theater. She loves getting people to move their bodies in a caring but challenging way!

    "I love teaching at the YMCA because I get to work with great people and I am surrounded by a wonderful community of co-workers."

  • Dana C

    "I always compare working at the Summit YMCA with working with 'Cheers', everyone knows your name and cares about you. My Monday class is like a family and look forward every week to see them."


    Mad Dogg Certified

  • Dave C

    “I am excited to work with members to achieve their individual goals. I can help with strength training, weight loss and overall conditioning."



    ACE certified personal trainer

  • Jerry C

    "The reason I work for the YMCA is because from the moment I walk through the doors the staff and the members feel like family. It is a very comfortable place to work, and I enjoy being there."

  • Lou C

    “I enjoy teaching cycling at the Y because it allows me to connect to the community, to forge friendships among the participants and other instructors, and to share my love of cycling with them."

    Mad Dogg Certified

  • Madelynn C

    Madelynn Clifford brings over 16 years of training experience to the YMCA.  She earned her personal training certification through NSCA and is well versed in creating a variety of  programs, combining functional movements, strength training and cardio conditioning, that are challenging, exciting and enjoyable.  Madelynn provides private, semi-private training as well as small group instruction. 

    Madelynn believes deeply in the benefits that come from finding time for exercise and incorporating healthy habits into the busiest lifestyle.  She understands the demands of today’s stress-filled schedules but thrives on encouraging people to find balance and create healthy lifelong habits.

    "'Stay Motivated!' It is the commitment to yourself that will allow you to achieve your goals."


    NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
    AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
    Basic Olympic Lifting Certified (BOLC)
    TRX Group Suspension Training Level 1
    Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification
    Resist-a-ball C.O.R.E. Level TWO Instructor Certification
    Arthritis Foundation Exercise Certification
    BOSU Integrated Balance Training Instructor Certification
    CPR/AED Certified

  • Marely C

    "I love the sense of family and friendship at the Y, it's more than just a gym to me, with so many great programs and classes available. Being able to teach classes within my community that motivate, inspire and help people in their fitness journey to become a better version of themselves, makes working at the Y a truly rewarding and fun experience!"

    Les Mills Body Combat
    Les Mills CXWORX 

  • Michael C

    “My goal is to ensure that every interested person gets a chance to be the best they can be – in the gym, in sports, and in life. That means a carefully detailed physical training and mental preparedness program to ensure long term success. The quick fix mentality is yesterday. Today is about communication and support to propel motivated people forward.”

    Mike joined the Summit YMCA in 2009, and has spent his lifetime involved in fitness. A professional triathlon and running coach since 2001 with over 20 years of racing experience, Mike uses his experience in coaching to help each member achieve success toward any goal. He works with all populations and is considered a versatile and partnership based trainer. 

    He specializes in:

    *Training and Planning For Endurance Sports (swimming, cycling, running)
    *Speed, Power and Agility for Youth and Adult Athletes (Including Golf, Soccer, Lacrosse and Swimming)
    *Injury Prevention and Prehab / Knee and Hip Rehab
    *Wellness Training for Weight Loss
    *TRX Suspension Training
    *Balance and Coordination for active older adults and youth athletes
    *Nutrition for Athletes and Weight Loss
    *Boxing and Self Defense


    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
    ACE Group Exercise Instructor
    Certified RRCA Running Coach
    Certified TNT Triathlon Coach
    SPINNING Level 3 Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
    MOSSA Group Ride / R30 Instructor
    TRX Suspension Trainer Level 1
    Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Counselor

  • Mickey C

    "My teaching style for spin class is to replicate "cycling" outdoors. I truly believe that everyone can do more than they believe they can. I love teaching spin at the YMCA because of it's supportive environment."

  • Rachelle C

    "With every challenge.....comes perseverance....then comes change. It's not about perfection but doing your BEST! Be purposeful and move with intention. Just remember, "summer is always coming"!"

    As a fitness fanatic, I’ve participated in various fitness class format in the past 20 years. Sky’s the limit on classes I participated: strength, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, personal training (just a few to mention). I attended ballet, jazz and modern dance lessons. Going to exercise class was always the best part of the day, after a long days’ work. The Summit Y gave me the BEST teaching opportunity! To date, I am very GRATEFUL!!

    Certification and Training:
    AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor
    Barre Teacher Certified, Boone Studios Inc.

  • Dana C-M

    "Why do I teach Yoga? I teach Yoga because I believe it is possible to live a spiritual life in a secular world. That the combination of the physical practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosphy and meditation can create a sound structure to buffer us from the constant barrage of outside influences that might say other otherwise. A like-minded community is necessary to support this worthwhile endeavor. I teach at the Y because it allows me the privilege of attempting, in some small way, to create such a community."

  • Chris D

    "My favorite thing about teaching at the YMCA is the sense of community and family that I experience with each class. Helping others to improve their day, put a smile on their face, and allow them to do things they didn't think possible is the icing on the cake!"

    Les Mills BODYCOMBAT AIM 2 (Advanced Instructor)
    Les Mills BODYPUMP AIM 1
    Les Mills CXWORX AIM 1
    Les Mills GRIT
    Beachbody Insanity
    Beachbody PiYo

  • Denise D

    I have always loved working out. I have taken many group fitness classes in past and love the energy the instructors share with the class participants. I recently became a group fitness instructor because I want to share my passion for fitness with others.

    I live by the “no pain, no gain” mantra because it is so encouraging to know that everyone with you in that room is feeling what you are feeling too! It pushes me to keep going!


    AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Dwight D

    "The Y Is a special place. It develops ones physical as well as mental condition. Most everyone leaves here feeling better than when they arrived, I believe that I am part of that positive experience. That's why I work at the Y."

  • Kelly D

    "I love teaching at the Y because it's about so much more than physical fitness. It's my home away from home, and I'm fortunate to have the opportunity every day to help members focus on their own well-being. We work, we sweat, we laugh, we grow stronger, and we have fun!"

    AFAA Group Exercise
    Les Mills CXWORX
    Les Mills GRIT Series

  • Rachel D

  • Stewart D

    "My training philosophy is to work hard, be consistent and have fun. Working out is a lifetime commitment which leads to a better quality of life."

    Stewart currently teaches indoor cycling and rowing classes at the Y. He is active in the community and has coached Summit youth soccer, basketball and baseball. He has been on the Executive Board of Summit Junior Baseball and on the Grants Committee with the Summit Educational Foundation.

    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    Johnny G Spin Certification
    Rutgers University SAFETY trained

  • Chris D.

    When I ask my students why they like LaBlast Fitness, they said they love to dance and it doesn’t feel like a workout but they do get a workout. They love to dance. I love to dance and I get to dance with 15 or more people!


  • Monica E

    "My personal training philosophy is to customize each individuals programming according to history of fitness, ability, goals & age as well as assessing each client's mobility, strength & weaknesses."

    My goal is to teach my clients proper form and to have them understand why they are doing what they are doing so they can feel comfortable, confident & independent in the gym environment.


    AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
    TRX Suspension Training Certification
    NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
    CPR /AED

  • Anthony F

    Having been a personal trainer for 8 years, I believe that teaching proper, functional movements really help improve an individual's over all fitness levels and help them achieve their personal goals. The body works as a unit. Exercise programs should be functional including mobility, strength, flexibility, intensity and core work. With proper guidance, anyone can achieve their personal fitness goals.


    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    Bachelor's Degree Exercise Science & Phys Ed
    Masters Degree in Sports Admin
    CPR/AED certified

  • Denise F

  • Jo-Ann F

    Personal Trainer

    “As a trainer, I believe success is achieved when the client has a program that reflects his or her individual abilities, strengths and limitations. To truly engage someone in fitness and exercise is to relate to them on a personal level.”

    Jo-Ann has been a Trainer at the YMCA for 20 years. She specializes in strength training, TRX suspension training and more.


    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    LIVESTRONG® at the Y Cancer Recovery Trainer
    TRX Certified Trainer

  • Kevin F

    "The reason I work for the Y is because I love to help anyone in the best way I can."

  • Lauren F

    I love working at the Summit y because the members are great! We always have fun together and their always so supportive and kind to each other. It feels like family. Breathe in peace, exhale love."

    Lauren has been teaching at the Summit YMCA since 2006 and is passionate about wellness and fitness for life. Lauren is also available for private yoga sessions.


    200 RYT Yoga Teacher
    Barre Intensity Certified
    Pilates Academy International Mat instructor
    Certified Reiki Level 2
    BFA Dance Juilliard School

  • Linda F

  • Rebecca F

    “I love teaching at the Y because maintaining health is fun with friends.”

    Rebecca's certifications include:
    Les Mills RPM
    Les Mills Body Pump

  • Elaine G

    "I love teaching group exercise classes at the Y because it makes me happy to see people succeeding and having fun in the process. I believe exercise classes should be fun and motivational. I love to keep my classes fresh and innovative!"

  • Jennifer G

    I like to make people feel better about themselves and get them motivated to help themselves reach their fitness goals.


    Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
    Madd Dog Certified

  • Meghan G

    I work at the YMCA to help promote a healthy lifestyle to my community and remind people that when you feel like quitting, remember why you started!

  • Risa G

    " 'Yoga is a journey of the self… through the self… to the self.' — Bhagavad Gita.  I love this quote as it truly embodies what yoga is. A personal journey of awakening. That, coupled with breath, movement and the ability to live in the present moment, is what yoga is all about. I feel so blessed to be able to share this gift of yoga with the students of the Summit YMCA."

  • Angela H

    "I have been a group exercise instructor for 10 years and never get tired of teaching my classes. The members of my class motivate me with their determination and hard work. I hope they walk out of my class with the same sense of accomplishment I feel every time I teach."

    Angela's full time job is being with her kids Richie and Angelina. She works part time as an Account Manager in Stirling. She loves to spend time with her family, enjoys being outside especially in the Summer and is always reading about new fitness routines and nutrition. Angela is AFAA group exercise certified.

  • Carolina H

    Teaching at the summit YMCA has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with people of many different cultures. The members who I have taught inspired me to develop better techniques suitable for people of all walks of life and physical abilities.

    200 Hour Yoga Certified through American Yoga Academy

  • Debbie H

  • Gabriela H

    I have a passion for helping people improve their level of physical fitness, especially for anyone who has had a set-back that may make it a challenge for them. Whether an illness or late in life realization that they may want to become more physically fit, I am able to help get them where they want to be.

    NASM personal trainer
    NASM senior Fitness
    AEA Auqa
    Schwinn Spin
    Y- enhanced

  • Jeanne H

    "I am passionate about the YMCA because it serves the community in so many ways. It teaches healthy habits to people of all ages and backgrounds. When life gets tough, the Y is there to nurture and assist in your recovery."

    Schwinn Spin Cycling
    Barre Intensity


  • Jennifer H

    Jenny took her first yoga class in 1993. Soon after she was drawn to meditation studies and a personal meditation practice. She initially studied Tibetan Buddhism and spent 7 months studying in India and Nepal as part of her undergraduate degree. Jenny received her 200 hour teacher training certificate from Bhakti Barn Yoga in 2014. She has continued her studies at various retreats and workshops with Rodney and Colleen Yee and Jason Crandall. Currently, she is doing an on line training course with Judith Hanson Lasater. Jenny teaches vinyasa style classes that are alignment influenced as well as gentle flow yoga.

  • Jomo H

    “I believe it is important to accept clients for where they are in their own health and wellness process. I want to help them reach their goals one step at a time by building skills and confidence so that change is manageable.”



    WIITS Personal Certified Trainer

  • Leroy H

    "I love the work I do at the Y because I can help people as a Wellness Instructor and bring about lasting change in their lives."

  • Stephen H

    “My goal is to provide any client the opportunity and motivation to become the strongest version of themselves.”

  • Tony H

    "The reason I love working at the y is the members. They come from all walks of life. And to see them grow over the years and work hard to stay fit is a great reward for me."

  • Galina I

    Yoga practice brought clarity and mindfulness into my life, helped me to connect my body and my breath with my soul to get deeper inside and put me on the path of exploring myself off the mat. It's my healing practice. I enjoy teaching yoga because I hope to share my skills, my knowledge and spirit to help others to keep themselves in physical and mental shape through the tools of meditation, asanas and breath to be able to transform and be flexible in life so they can deal with every day challenges.

    200 Hour Level Yoga 

  • Kazumi I

    Zumba makes me feel happy, healthy and strong. Working at the YMCA makes me feel as a part of the community and allows me to meet new people and develop friendships through the classes. I hope to spread this Zumba magic of Happiness and Friendship to more people in the community!

    Zumba Gold

  • Dorian J

    Dorian enjoys working with clients of all ages both male and female and works to improve their all around fitness both physically and mentally. He brings clients closer to their fitness goals one hour at a time.

    Dorian has been involved in fitness and wellness for over 20 years. His career started at the Summit YMCA. He was born and raised in Summit and has played an active role in the community coaching sports and athletics for children and teens of all ages and skill levels. He specializes in sports conditioning for youth but also trains the general population for general health and wellness.

    “I believe that optimal fitness can be achieved with hard work, a little sweat and a smile.”

    AFAA Certified Personal Trainer


  • Marcus J

  • Radmila J

    I love working at the Summit Area YMCA because I want to help others and help them find something fulfilling to do with their lives. I care about health, and whether it's helping families, the elderly, or kids, I aim to better inform others about the important of healthy living. As a wellness instructor, I am able to inspire others, and oftentimes, the enthusiasm of members often inspire myself to take action in my own life. I look forward to work every morning, because every day brings new challenges and opportunities.

  • Suzanne J

    I began my journey at the Summit YMCA as a camper and graduated to an employee at the age of 14. I have been part of the Summit Y ever since. I began my part-time fitness career as a Step Aerobics instructor, then moved on to teaching body sculpting and kickboxing. I am now a proud member of the Les Mills tribe and teach both Sh'Bam and Body Pump. I am a school teacher by day, and fitness instructor by night. Nothing is better than working out with my Summit Y fitness family after a long day at work! The members are what have kept me at the Summit YMCA for nearly 30 years. They are simply the best.

    Certified Les Mills Body Pump Instruction
    Certified Les Mills Sh’bam Instruction

  • Bob K

    Having been a member I saw what a good place this was to be connected to the community. Once I started working here I have met several good people and have become very good friends with them. This has become a very rewarding experience.

  • John K

    “In my 13 years of personal training, clients have told me they’ve reached their personal goals beyond their dreams. I’ve helped them become strong enough to perform daily routines that used to be difficult. They can go back to their favorite sports. I feel a wonderful sense of service when I can help others become their best selves. The people who attend my group exercise classes make the continuous effort to show up. They come with enthusiasm and the right attitude. I always prepare so that my routines and exercises are energetic, safety conscious and at times, innovative! The combination of instructor and participants and instructor leads to a feel-good environment that is a win-win for all."



    ACE Certified Personal Trainer


  • Keri K

    I joined the Summit YMCA after moving to New Jersey in September 2014, where I was thrilled to be able to continue my participation in Les Mills programs. Since 2010, I have been a very strong believer in the Les Mills brand, and have experienced first-hand the life-changing health, fitness, and general wellness benefits of their programs. When the opportunity presented itself to become an instructor for Body Pump in 2015, I could not have been more excited! I love being able to share my passion for fitness and for Les Mills with the members of the Summit Y. I greatly appreciate the energy, support, and enthusiasm of the members and I truly enjoy teaching. Beyond fitness, I love that the Y has helped me integrate into the Summit community, and a feel great about being a part of such a deserving organization.

    LES MILLS BODY PUMP Certified Instructor 2015

  • Sharon K

    "I find that exercise is the best way to improve my mood and stay fit. as an added bonus, it has helped me meet some wonderful people at the Y!"

  • Elise L

  • Ginger L

    "On top of my own yoga practice keeping me physically and mentally fit, teaching yoga at the Y provides me with friendship, community and a wonderful sense of purpose."

    200 hour level certified yoga instructor

  • Mary L

    “I look to inspire more men and women of all ages to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to achieve their fitness goals.”

    Mary had been a Summit YMCA member for 17 years while working for ATT. Since retiring, Mary has returned to the Summit YMCA as a personal trainer and swim instructor. As a member of the YMCA she co-founded Team101, a group of area women age 16-64 who trained and achieved their first triathlons. She has completed over 70 triathlons, including sprint, olympic and half Ironman distances since turning 50 and had numerous wins in her age group.

    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    ACE Senior Fitness Specialist
    TRX Suspension Trainer Level 1
    Total Immersion Swim Instructor

  • Patrick L

    “Without your vibrant physical and mental health, all the riches in the world would not matter. This is your life, start your transformation now, it’s never too late."

    Patrick is very passionate in helping each individual achieve their fitness goals which include injury prevention/rehabilitation, muscle building, weight loss and proper nutritional and mental guidance for healthy living and body transformation with a well-balanced style of positive encouragement for all ages. He focuses on training clients physically, as well as, mentally. Being fit isn’t about having a 6 pack abs, but more importantly, it’s feeling bliss and joy within.


    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)
    TRX Suspension Trainer Level 1


  • Debbie M

    "I am happy to be part of the YMCA family and I'm passionate about our mission. We are so much more than a gym. We are a cause."


    Group Ex (AFFA)
    Indoor Cycling (NETA)(Schwinn)

  • Heart M

    I love and enjoy teaching at the Y because I love the idea of giving back to the community and the Y does just that for everyone in the community.

    Poe 200 Hour Level Yoga Instructor 
    30 hrs Intensive Training with David Regelin 

  • Kim M

    I love working at the YMCA because the members and management are positive, and I have the opportunity to be creative with my class instruction as management is very supportive. I enjoy making a difference in members lives as they sculpt, tone and define their muscles.


    Barre Certified

  • Lia M

    "As a yoga teacher for the past four years, I guide my students to practice yoga with precaution, consistency and modifications throughout the class to ensure that each practice is adjusted to individual needs and is valuable to all. Since yoga is ultimately about the mind, I explain to my students that 'yoga is not about how good you look in a pose but how good you feel in the pose'."

  • Michelle M

    “I like teaching at the why because of the people and the energy they bring to each every class. We all work hard to stay healthy while having fun!” 

    MAD Dogg Certified

  • Midge M

    "After many years of teaching different exercise classes at the Summit YMCA, my "Joy" is always rejuvenated watching my students enhance their physical and mental well being. Their adherence to a healthy life style is our goal and it is so satisfying to me to be a part of it."

  • Rosanne M

    "Yoga is for everyone. Whether one is young or old, flexible or tight, healthy or sick, one can practice and all will benefit from the suppleness it brings to the body, calmness it brings to the mind, and joy it brings to the spirit."

  • Tim M

    As a personal trainer Tim enjoys working with members who are new to fitness or who may want to take a more serious, concentrated approach to their fitness routine. Tim employs a combination of free weights, machines and body weight exercises to help his clients in doing their best to achieve their desired results.

    "In the nearly 15 years I have worked at the Y, some things never change – the friendliness of the members and the dedication of the staff to serve our members and community."


    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    TRX Suspension Training Level 1
    CPR/AED Certified

  • Christine Ma.

    "I say the selfless person is the most selfish person. Why? You are selfless because you don't want to disturb your peace. You know that by being selfless, you will always retain your happiness. A selfish person can never be happy. Know that. This is a fundamental teaching of all the religions and of Yoga." -Swami Satchidananda

    I enjoy teaching Yoga at the YMCA because it is an opportunity for selfless practice.
    Teaching Yoga to many different populations is so extremely satisfying because it benefits not only the individuals taking yoga class but also the community around them. I feel lucky every time I begin teaching a yoga class.

    500 hour certified from IYI Inergral Yoga Institute
    Certified to teach children with special needs and teens

  • Mark N

    "Working at the Y has been nothing but a privilege to me. It’s a place where one feels warm and welcomed, a place to help others, and a place I would call home."

  • Rebecca N

    "I teach Pilates and Indoor Cycling at the Y. My goal is to encourage fitness as a fun, safe and personally rewarding pastime."


    Nationally Certified since 2001

    Mad Dog Athletics.

  • Chrissy O

    I enjoy teaching at the y because of the wonderful members and dedicating staff. I also like working at the summit area y’s as they all support the local community and offer so much to everyone in the area.


    Mad Dogg Certified

  • Jim O

  • Kris O

    I enjoy teaching at the Y because the members and the other instructors create a family of support that make the work out experience so rich and meaningful.


    Mad Dogg certified 

  • Caroline P

    "I am extremely passionate about teaching Zumba! I love teaching people of all ages that working out can mean having a great time, getting into shape or simply staying in shape, and that in itself, is priceless! Zumba sounds intimidating to newcomers, but I promise, you don't have to know how to dance. All routines are designed to keep you moving with easy to follow dance/fitness routines for each song. Zumba is also exciting and energizing. Come join me at one of my classes!"

  • Jaquetta P

    A certified enthusiastic Zumba instructor, “J” helps participants connect with their inner confidence, increase their energy, and communication skills, all while having lots of fun. Her passion for music and entertainment opened the doors to her Zumba dancing career, where she believes it is immensely rewarding to help adults and children achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. With 18 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Jaquetta has mastered the art of effective communication skills and merging the principles within her Zumba classes. Zumba “J” is here to provide an energetic and fun experience to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

    All levels are welcomed to participate! No experience necessary!

  • Kristin P

    Personal Trainer
  • Liz P

    "I love motivating others to have fun while reaching their fitness goals through cycling classes. The Y is a friendly and welcoming place to teach!"

    Mad Dogg Certified

  • Peggy P

    I have been teaching at the Summit Y since 1992. It brings me great joy to share with the members my passion & enthusiasm for Health & Fitness at the Y it's like coming home. I truly believe in the mission of the Y and am proud to support it and all that it represents.

  • Sonya P

    "I am a group fitness girl. Always have been always will be. The energy and camaraderie of a group setting is like a giant sweat party pushing you to limits you never knew you had."

    Sonya is a full time mom who has been teaching group exercise classes for the past 8 years. She is certified in LES MILLS GRIT, CXWORX and various other class formats. She loves music, dance and finding new and exciting exercise regimens!

  • Alaka P-S

    The student body at the SAY is diverse, dedicated, & willing to stretch their Bodies & minds beyond their comfort zone in my Yoga class. It is a joy & privilege to have that trust!


    500 Hour yoga certification

  • Delia Q

    Aspire to make health & fitness a part of your every day lifestyle - even in small increments. It doesn’t have to be perfect just keep moving forward. Find fun activities you love doing and healthy foods that excite you and most importantly have FUN!



  • Alyssa R

    I love being able to others feel empower, energized, healthy and happy. My goal is to help people feel comfortable as a beginner, yet challenged as an advanced athlete. To help others feel better both inside and out when they walk out of my class, and hopefully spread a little fitness cheer as the share the experience with others.

    Alyssa Reyes MS, RD
    Les Mills Body Pump certified

  • Chris R

    At the Summit Y I have had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of interesting and caring community members that I may have never met otherwise. The Summit Area Y is a crucial part of the social infrastructure of north NJ.


    Mad Dogg Certified


  • Ernesto R

    "I work for the Y because it's a great opportunity to help the community. To be a part of an organization that strengthens a community and is committed every day to young adults and teens is so important to me."

  • Fernando R

    "I love working at the Y because it has taught me a great deal of responsibility, leadership, dedication, respect, and loyalty. I work at the Y because many people don't have the opportunity to work with an organization who cares both about its members and the Y staff. Working at the Y has taught me that nothing is unattainable as long as you put in hours of hard work and your very best effort. That's why I work at the Summit Y."

  • Jean Luis R

    "Working at the Y has taught me so much about respect and responsibility and I love having the opportunity to make a difference in my community every day."

  • Karen R

  • Zulma R

    Be happy, be healthy, be strong! I want my classes to become an oasis for participants to get away from the stress of their days while working out and enjoying the music.

  • Aubrey R-E

    "Try to always smile, laugh and have fun. Be ok with being still to take a deep breath and listen to yourself. Connecting to your breath and then to your body will help you through anything. Be comfortable with who you are and where you are in life and with your practice. It’s all where it is supposed to be. My yoga teaching and philosophy is in the moment, with a lot of spirit. I like to not take anything too seriously as a teacher and hope to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere in class so everyone feels comfortable. Teaching at the Summit Y inspires me every time I can do it. My students are different ages and backgrounds but all come together in the classroom as one, like a family. We all smile and laugh a lot together, making the Summit Y a true mind and body motivator. We don't take anything too seriously. We have a lot of spirit and fun. I am so very thankful for my Summit Y classes."

  • Alison S

    The Y is my fitness home. Its welcoming and supportive community has helped me to make many positive changes in my life and I hope I can inspire others in the same way.

    Alison is certified as a 200 hour level yoga instructor and is working towards her 300 hour level from Bhakti Barn in Millburn.


  • Cheryl S

  • Donna S

    "Teaching at the YMCA allows me to spread Zumba love and bring awareness of healthy living and lifestyle change to others. It is place where I have been able to develop new friendships with wonderful people from different cultural backgrounds. I enjoy getting involved in special programs that benefit a cause and moving forward I’d like to explore ways to help individuals with developmental disabilities through Zumba®."

  • Hillary S

    I love the grit of the Y members that take classes. They are looking for solid and challenging workouts and are happy to make friends in the process. The Y’s location in the center of town draws a very diverse membership roster and I think that is what makes all the interactions so rewarding and meaningful. I love teaching boot camp because ANYTHING is a go and people come expecting the feel parts of their body they don't usually work. We change it up every week to keep it crazy and unpredictable with motivating music. I like to quote during my classes “common- don’t waste your time here- you only have an hour that you carved out of the busyness- make it count!”

  • Jeffrey S

    "Working for the Y allows me to help others to be healthy and gain knowledge of wellness for life."

  • Kristin S

    Nia is the original and most advanced form of fusion fitness. Combining the power of martial arts, the expression of dance arts, and the mindfulness of healing arts, Nia cardio-dance workouts tone your body while transforming your mind. Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

  • Laurie S

    "I enjoy teaching yoga and having students learn to reach their quiet within and listening to their inner voices. Turning off electronics for a moment of inner reflection and peace is key in my classes. Everyone may be in a different place in their yoga journey, so don't let the ego interfere! There are always modifications for both newer yogis and older yogis with limitations, so there is nothing to be nervous or afraid of. Just relax and enjoy!"

  • Matthew S

    I am glad the YMCA is a part of my life. I am very proud to be a part of an organization that allows and welcomes all kinds of people to be there as members, campers, volunteers, or to use the equipment for a few different reasons. I feel like it is friendships members form with each other, all that we are involved in as a branch, our many things that interest kids, and our staff that keep people coming back.

  • Mimi S

    I don't know a day without dance and movement. Teaching at the Y gives me a place to share my inner joy with my students.

  • Noelle S

    “The practice of yoga allows us to get to know ourselves better. It teaches us how we handle challenges, rejoice in achievements, adapt to change and recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Every yoga class can be a lesson in life.”

    I love teaching at the Summit YMCA. I took my first yoga class at YMCA and it has taken me on this journey where I am now able to give back. It is extremely rewarding to establish a connection with my students and help them reach their potential. I enjoy helping my students build strength mentally and physically, while allowing them to find peace and freedom through movement. I hope to inspire my students by sharing the yoga teachings so they will be able to realize the many benefits both on and off the mat, and make yoga a sustainable part of their lives.

  • Rupal S

  • Stephanie S

    I enjoy teaching at the Y because I love helping members learn and grow in an environment where everyone feels like family!

  • Tatyana S

  • Alice Stein

    As a personal trainer and group ex instructor with over 25 years experience, I have seen many fads come and go. My goal for my clients is to develop the best foundational movement patterns upon which we then build a solid base to face the challenges of life in a modern world.

    "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S.Lewis


    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
    ACE Certified Health Coach
    Balanced Bodies Pilates Mat I & II
    TRX Suspension Training Level 1
    Schwinn Indoor Cycling
    LiveStrong at the Y Trainer
    Enhance Fitness Trainer
    Arthritis Foundation Exericise Instructor
    Moving For Better Balance Instructor
    Les Mills Body Pump/Tone/CX Instructor
    Trigger Point Foam Rolling Principles

  • Christy T

    Show up. Be real. Love others. Don’t quit.

    LesMills CXWorx


  • Cora T

    "I work at the Y because I support and believe the mission and core values the Y represents; caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. I started my fitness career almost 2 years ago. I currently teach Les Mills Body Pump and General Conditioning class. I am a substitute instructor for senior fitness and active older adult classes. I enjoy sharing my passion for fitness through teaching. It is very fulfilling to make someone feel great after taking the class and leave with great energy. I am AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Les Mills BodyPump Certified Instructor, AIM-1 Les Mills Body Pump Certified."

  • Debbie T

    I have enjoyed teaching at the summit y for it’s commitment and dedication not only to its membership but to the broader summit community.


    Mad Dogg Certified
    Mossa Cycling Certified
    AFAA group exercise certification
    Water fitness: American Red Cross



  • Sharon T

    "I believe effective strength training for any person, any age is the key to long term health and wellness."

    Sharon is focused on helping her clients come to realize their full strength capabilities and giving them the confidence to take on more! She belieives functional movement is essential for every person regardless of size, age or fitness history.



    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    TRX Suspension Trainer Level One
    Certified Performance Weightlifting Coach (CPWC)

  • Alan V

  • Mary V

    "Yoga helps a person to become more aware and more present in their body and their thoughts. I think everyone can and should do yoga. Yoga can refresh the body and allow a person to relax."

  • Steve V

    "I have worked over 11 years as a trainer at the Wyckoff YMCA. I'm enthusiastic to share my knowledge, skills, and experience to the clients and members at the Summit YMCA. I like to train for at least 1 mud run during the summertime, races such as the Tough Mudder and Spartan races."

    My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance, and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. 



    AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 
    Physical Education and Adult Fitness Bachelor of Science Degree 

  • Ginger Wilson

    I became a Fitness Instructor to encourage others to get healthy and stay healthy. I strive to create an environment where all fitness levels feel welcome and challenged. In both my cycling and HIIT classes, I believe proper form and technique will allow participants to maximize the results they are seeking and stay safe in the process. I hope to light a fire in everyone looking for inspiration throughout their fitness journey.

  • Mary Lou Y

    "Barre is the absolute best way to sculpt and tone your muscles....and your pants will fit you better!"

    Mary Lou is AFAA certified as a group fitness instructor and has completed training for certification in Balanced Body Barre. Additional training include practical yoga instructor and midlife fitness for women. She loves teaching and taking Barre classes at the Y.