Outdoor group exercise classes, outdoor pool, personal training and summer camp are now open at the Berkeley Heights YMCA & Summit YMCA! 



    If you are not participating in available programming, your membership will remain on hold until further notice. We continue to share reopening details and new program information as it becomes available. Looking for more information? Check out our latest announcements.



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Branch Staff

  • Paul Kieltyka

    President & CEO

    With over 25 years of experience in the Y movement, Paul is a New Jersey YMCA veteran. He began his career as a Sports Director at the Somerset Hills YMCA and progressed through the movement in leadership positions at the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges and Somerset Valley YMCA. He became President & CEO of the Summit Area YMCA in 2014 and is a life-long Union County resident who brings a unique perspective and understanding of the communities the Y serves. Paul grew up going to the Westfield Y where he experienced first-hand how the Y’s values and mission positively impacted youth and families and continues to be the driving force behind his work. Paul lives in Scotch Plains with his wife Maggie and their two daughters, Megan and Lauren.

  • Ceci Aristizabal

    Campaign and Community Engagement Manager
  • Haley Behm

    Manager of Digital Marketing & Analytics

    Being a part of the YMCA doesn’t just provide you with access to a gym. It includes a sense of welcoming, belonging and pride. I enjoy being able to contribute positively in connecting our community with all of the things that make the Y and its mission so great.

  • William Brown

    IT Director
  • Betty Budd

    Infant/Waddler Director

    "Teaching children allows me to witness daily miracles unfold and reaffirms the wonderful things in life."

  • Terri Clinton

    Executive Director

    I love working at the Y because every day brings a new group of people and new way to help others. I am motivated to come to work each day by the people I get to meet and serve each day. I love working for a community organization that is able to adapt and create programming based on needs, and love the fact that we have the potential to have such great impact.

  • Patrick Collins

    Director of Competitive Swim

    I started swimming competitively at St Peter’s Prep and continued on at Marist College where I captained the team my senior year and was a former record holder in the 50 freestyle. For the past twelve years, I have coached swimming at the club, high school, and summer league levels. In that time I have always emphasized that swimming is a journey; one must fall in love with the process and we as adults must help the kids to focus on long-term goals and development. It's easy to get caught up in the end result, times dropped and cuts made, but a swimmer is worth more than the time on the scoreboard and I'm blessed to have helped so many young swimmers through the ups and the downs.

    It is my goal to continue to build on the team’s already strong foundation and to give every swimmer the chance to experience success and achieve his or her highest potential. To that end, I am committed to providing high quality training and stroke development while ensuring that swimming is fun for everyone. Please join me in helping our swimmers reach even greater heights and to start a new chapter in the Summit Seals’ history.

  • Trevor Cromwell

    Senior Youth & Teen Coordinator
  • Michelle DiAlfonso

    HRIS, Payroll & Benefits Manager

    I come from Corporate America and for the first time in my life I am happy to come to work. I feel so proud to be part of this organization and family. From being the first in NJ to be part of the Diversity, Inclusion and Global Innovation Network to the many free programs we offer to the community, what better place can I say I go to work everyday!

  • Karen DiMaria

    VP of Advancement
  • Tiffany Escott

    Executive Director

    The YMCA has been such a big part of my life. Over 14 years ago, my daughter started taking swimming lessons at the Summit Y through the Parent and Child Swim programs. From there, my children attended the child care & camp programs at both the Berkeley Heights YMCA and the Learning Circle YMCA. As a working parent, The Y has had such a positive impact on my family. I love coming to the Y to see all of the members, staff & children. The Y is my second home.

  • Patty Facchinei

    Financial Assistance & Volunteer Coordinator

    I love working at the Y because of the Y’s mission and that I love to do for others. The Y gives me that opportunity each and every day. No words could describe the feeling of working in an environment such as this, where you are responsible for impacting the lives of others in the most positive ways. The Y does so many great things and I know that each day I will have a positive impact on someone.

  • Lois Farrell

    Director of Operations

    "As a teacher, I love working with children, watching them grow, and see their happy faces."

  • Sue Fieseler

    Director of Community Wellness

    Why do I love working at the Y? I feel that because of my job at the Y, I can really make an impact in my community. Helping people is in my blood, and the Y is a perfect avenue to put that in action. For example, on any given day, I will start the day working on nutrition programs for our preschoolers . After the class, I will work on our LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program setting up classes, doing intakes or helping in the sessions for cancer survivors. Early in the afternoon I get to head on over to the Summit Senior Housing building to help increase socialization by providing programs for the seniors. I will end the day working on our 7th Grade Membership program by providing a place for our 7th graders to belong while helping to develop healthy lifestyles. Throughout the day I get to reach out to our members or community to aid in the journey of wellness. This is why not only do I love my job, I am motivated on a daily basis to come in to work.

  • Angela Gamble

    Toddler Director

    "I love working at TLC because we lay the foundation for future learning. We foster positive social interaction, encourage creativity, and help develop critical and logical thinking."

  • Francesca Garrard

    Program Director

    I started working at a YMCA when I was in High School helping out with childcare and volunteering at weekend events. Years later after moving back to NJ, I am so proud to be a team member once again. The sense of community you find at the Y is unlike anywhere else, and it keeps me motivated to be a better person and to create programs that better our youth. Since so much is learned in the early years, I believe it is important that we help and nurture the creative, intelligent, independent and healthy children of the future!

  • Larrie Graham

    Manager, Membership Operations

    Seeing the older active adults come into facility to work out or participate in a program inspires me. I, also enjoy seeing the cute faces of the children when they come in for their swim, sports, or youth enrichment classes so happy and eager to learn. The Y is a happy place for many and I’m like being a part of what makes our members happy.

  • Deb Graisser

    Business Manager, Childcare & Camp

    I love working for the Y because I get to start my day listening to children signing with smiley faces! Knowing that I can help others and make someone else’s day a little less worrisome motivates me to come to work every day.

  • Dana Green

    Childcare/Camp Administrator

    The Y is like “home & family.” When you enter the child care building, everyone is referred to as Miss…. or Mr….. When you bump into someone outside of here it carries over. A world of our own. The Y also gives me the flexibility of balancing work/home life. I enjoy seeing the children grown and register year after year. Watching them progress is very rewarding. Working with children and their parents as well as the staff in the Berkeley Heights Y has been more rewarding and fulfilling then I’ve experienced before.

  • Shabazz Green

    The Summit Area YMCA is a community based organization. They work each day to bring something new to our city and community. And I love to work here to be a part of that service. I come to the Y to work everyday for a chance to do something new. We promote growth and improvement in all areas, and working to find new alternatives each day is so rewarding.


  • Susan Guber

    Wellness and Membership Engagement Director

    Working for the Y is an absolute privilege. As an inclusive nonprofit organization I am involved in bringing lasting personal and social change through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. This is exactly why I love working for the Y.

    Certifications and Training:
    Wellness Coach
    NETA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
    Certified Yoga Instructor
    Certified YMCA Strength & Conditioning Instructor
    Certified Spin Instructor
    LIVESTRONG YMCA Instructor

  • Meme H

    "The Summit YMCA is like second home to me, it has been a part of my life since I was a kid. I've been teaching group fitness classes for 9 years, and building relationships with members while offering a safe fun fitness class continues to be my goal. I strive to help members develop a love for group fitness, and I look forward to seeing their faces week after week as we work together to improve our overall health and well-being week after week".

    Meme is a nationally certified group exercise instructor through the National Exercise Trainer's Association (NETA). In addition she is also a National Certified LesMills Bodycombat Aim1 instructor, CXWorx instructor, Grit Coach and TRX certified.

  • Pam Halpin

    Sr. Director of Strategic Innovation in Membership & Wellness

    The Y has been part of my life since I was little (swim lessons, trampoline lessons, day camp and sleepaway camp). Back then I’m pretty sure that I didn’t imagine that I would be working…and love working…for the Y. Being part of the YMCA allows me to help people in all aspects of their lives, listen when they need an ear and support them to reach their goals in body, mind and spirit! Every morning, I excitedly come to work to see my extended Y family and help build a community that will help them succeed and be happy!

  • Stephanie Hand

    Executive Assistant

    "I love working at TLC because of its dedication to children, family and the community!"

  • Ruby Hollingsworth

    Sr Program Director, Pre K, Kindergarten

    “Working with the children, their families and the staff is a wonderful opportunity. I love being a part of The Learning Circle YMCA Family.”

  • Jenny Hui

    Creative Services & Marketing Manager

    "Because I'm part of the marketing team, I get the opportunity to listen to stories from our members about how much a difference the Y has made in their lives—a cancer survivor who was able to regain her health and confidence with our cancer recovery program, a child who was able to attend child care with financial assistance, or a man who was able to lose over 70 lbs and feel stronger and happier than ever before through the Y's support. It is incredibly humbling to hear these stories and it makes me proud to be part of an organization that truly cares about strengthening the community for the better."

  • Jhovanna Ibanez

    School Age Program Director

    "As children grow, they learn and discover the world around them. I enjoy being a part of their day and that process."

  • Edward Iddisah

  • Jay Jacobs

    Wellness Ambassador + Navigator

    I love people, and being a husband of 39 years, and a dad of two incredible kids, being here has a real family feel to it. Each day I get to see every age come thru our doors which makes me smile as it’s the only place I’ve ever worked that you really get a real sense of a true community and what humanity can be. As a Summit Y Wellness Ambassador + Navigator it’s an honor and a privilege to serve and support the individuals and couples that look to me to help them discover a health + wellness pathway that they can fit into their current lifestyle, and over time transform their wellbeing with all we have to offer at the Y.

  • Melissa Kardos

    Volunteer Coordinator

    There’s no better place to work than at the YMCA! The staff, members, and volunteers make the Y a very special place. I feel privileged to work with amazing volunteers who give so much back to our community. They remind me that sharing your time and talents with others is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

  • Marcia Khashayar

    Administrative Assistant for Financial Assistance Program

    "I love working for an organization where everybody's main goal is to help the community as much as we can. It makes me proud."

  • Morgan Klaif

    IT Manager

    Being a teenager would have been much tougher on me without the YMCA. The YMCA, which I consider to be a second family, provided the help and guidance I needed to develop into the professional I am today as their IT Manager. I am proud to be a part of an ever growing mission which serves a huge impact in our community.

  • Joyce Klimaski

    Executive Director

    “TLC has something special going on! It is an honor and a blessing to spend each day with dedicated staff and exuberant children. The children are embarking on an adventure and we assist their first steps on the journey along with their loving families.”

  • Kaitlin Knoblick Czerminski

    Aquatics Director

    I love working at the Y because I am a proud YMCA kid! I grew up going to my local Y and swimming on their swim team. It gave me the confidence and taught me a lot of the skills I use today in my work. I also love working at the Y because if feel like I am making a difference in the community. I love being able to watch families and individuals come in and enjoy the pools and the water fitness classes. It is like a big family here and we all come together because of this place. It isn’t just a beautiful building it is a home away from home!

    Coming to work every day isn’t a struggle, it is something I look forward to and not many people get to say that. I love coming in and meeting new members and their families. I think one of the biggest rewards and motivations to come every day is watching scared children start a swimming class for the first time, or even teaching them, and watching them grow and learn and get excited about the water. Seeing them motivated and proud of what they have accomplished and wanting to share it with me keeps me coming back every day!

  • Carolina Lora

    Kid Zone Supervisor & Wellness Navigator

    The Y is my second home. For the last 11 years, I have seen my kids growing up in a nurture and supportive environment: Kid Zone!
    I love to come to work in Kid Zone, a Place where we work as a team! I enjoy seeing our little Y members coming ready to play; that is when I jump in and put in action our daily activity plan: What a great way to work!!

  • Maria Marinaccio

    Specialist, Youth & Family Programs

    “I love my job and am fully committed to making our youth and family programs the best that they can be. Although some days can be stressful, every day is different, every day is a blessing, and every day I consider myself fortunate because however small, I make a difference.”

  • Anjali McCormick

    SVP & Chief Operations Officer

    "After the birth of my second child, I stopped working full time and soon thereafter moved to Summit from New York City. It was at the Y that I first found community in Summit. In addition to meeting new people and making friends, the Y offered a welcoming environment to help me stay healthy and in shape. Since then, my children have been enrolled in numerous swim and sports clinics, played Youth Soccer and Basketball, enjoyed summer day camp, and celebrated birthday parties at the Y. I love that the Y is literally and figuratively the center of our community and that its mission for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility so closely aligns with many of the things I consider important."

  • Kelly McHugh

    Program Director, Child Care & Camp

    "Every day I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of the children in my programs. This is the most gratifying aspect of working with children in The Learning Circle and the Summit Area YMCA."


  • Lisa McQuilkin

    Wellness Director

    I love working at the Y because I love helping people get healthy and strong!

  • Lisa Meyers

    Community Outreach & Seniors

    “I love working at the Y because I get to make an impact on the lives of our Active Older Adult Community and meet lots of great people who enrich my life as well. I am motivated to come to work every day because I know that what we do helps people to remain active and involved and live happier & healthier lives.”

  • Mike Mirabella

    Aquatics Director

    Being a part of the Summit Area YMCA since 2002 has provided me many great opportunities. I started as a volunteer at age 13, teaching swim lessons in the aquatics department. Over the years I was given many opportunities to grow and try new positions, including lifeguarding, supervising aquatics, becoming a lifeguarding instructor, to now being the Director at the Berkeley Heights Community Pool at the YMCA. Through the Summit Area YMCA I have met many wonderful people who provided me with guidance and support, helping me to grow both professionally and as an individual. Working at the Community Pool has given me the chance to give back to the community and help families build the same kinds of wonderful memories that I had growing up in Berkeley Heights. It has been extremely rewarding to work with and mentor young members of my staff and watch them grow into successful individuals. I enjoy being able to offer support and guidance to my staff and the members at the Community Pool in the same way that I was supported growing up in the Summit Area YMCA family.

  • Hugo Morales

    Director of Maintenance
  • Eileen Morris

    Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Maria Nolting

    Membership Director

    I love working at the Summit Area YMCA because it is an inclusive, nurturing and welcoming environment.  Ys are a vital part of the community in which they serve…not just a swim and gym.  The Y is my favorite charity because I know that 100% of the funds raised through our annual campaign each year go directly to members of our community that need it the most. 

  • Sue Palatini

    Associate Aquatics Director

    I love teaching water fitness classes. I get to meet so many neat and wonderful members and I also get a great workout too.
    I enjoy working in the office. There is always lots of interaction with all members and I love to help others.

  • Michelle Pallonetti

    Preschool Program Director

    "Working with young children and influencing one of their first experiences in school are the best aspects of my job."

  • Krishma Patel

    Director of Afterschool Off-Site Programs & Camp

    I love what I get to do for a living! I have been working with children for the majority of my life, beginning with babysitting, YMCA camp counselor, and moving through to becoming a certified Early Childhood Educator. Now I can happily say I’ve worn many different ECE hats: nanny, preschool teacher, Kindergarten teacher, special needs aide, Assistant child care director, and now a Director of Off-Site Afterschool programs and Travel Camps here at the Summit Area YMCA. Working with the children and helping them (and their families) is the most rewarding job I can think of! Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier and better about themselves, brings a huge smile to my face. This job allows me to make a different in their lives weather if it’s in aftercare or in camp. I am also able to mentor and motivate my staff, and above all, I’m proud to be working for an organization that is nationally and globally acclaimed for its work in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

  • Urvi Patel

    Human Resources Associate
  • Scott Reiners

    YMCAs are something special. We teach values to all participants. Motivation is easy here, trying to do something good for a few kids everyday goes a long way. Slowly but surely, huge positive changes can be made by making little changes. 

  • Kelly Rooney

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Joyce Rosenberg


    I like working at the Learning Circle-YMCA because I get to do what I love best: Being a nurse and caring for children. 

  • Valeria Tenreiro

    Health & Wellness Director
  • Juan Verastegui

    Director of Maintenance

    I grew up in Peru and came to Summit when I was 28 years old. I started working at the Summit YMCA in September 1991 and love the fact that the Y welcomed me into their family. I am always busy but love what I do because I know my service helps others to experience the Y in the best way possible. Please always stop to say hi, I love meeting our members!

  • Tracy Wanamaker

    Group Exercise Coordinator

    I have always loved working at the Y because of its mission to support our community in spirit, mind and body. By offering so many different programs, we have the ability to have a positive impact in so many lives. I look forward to coming to the Y each day as an opportunity to help someone achieve their wellness goals and live a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

  • Cheryl Worobetz

    Business Manager, Membership

    I am proud to be working for The Summit Area YMCA knowing the impact we make on the lives of our members and community. Our many programs demonstrate our willingness to accommodate all members regardless of their level of fitness or ability to pay. There is something for every age group, whether they come to us to get physically fit or simply want to socialize. The Y is simply the place where everyone belongs.

  • Allison Zeimann

    Sports Director

    I grew up as a YMCA kid. I went to my home town YMCA almost every day. There is a great quote by Steve Jobs that relates to why I work at a YMCA. 'Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.' I love being able to help others and create a positive fun atmosphere for kids to play sports in.

    The YMCA is a second home to me. I love that I have a job in which I can help the children in the community learn about different sports and make them feel a part of our Summit YMCA team.