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ac-jenny“My world was shattered by the cancer diagnosis and I struggled to reclaim wellness in spirit, mind, and body. LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA showed me how to live strong, live life again. I was treated with grace and led by patient, knowledgeable wellness coaches who gave me a starting point for recovery. This program changed my life for good. ”

— Jenny


ac-melisa“When Matias first came to TLC YMCA it was hard for him because he only spoke Spanish. Through the teachers’ caring approach, they connected with him to build his confidence, academically and socially. If it were not for the financial assistance from the Y, he would not have had an opportunity to learn and grow at such a wonderful school. With the Y’s help, I am able to work to support my family and my son is in a place where he feels safe and happy.”

— Melisa


“I am a testament to the success of the free 12-week cancer recovery LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program.
My heart rate has gone down by almost 20%, I can now leg press 200 lbs more than on my first day, and my fitness on the “walk test” increased by 50% (from 16 to 24 laps). In just 3 months, I am stronger, more cheerful, more healthy. ”

— George, Berkeley Heights YMCA participant


“As a single mother with no family around and no way to pay for a babysitter, I needed help caring for my daughter while I worked 6 days a week. When I turned to the Y, I was able to get financial assistance for the Kindergarten Wrap Program. I never imagined how secure and special it would feel to have the support of the Y. It’s a place of diversity and acceptance. The staff is like family to us. They teach values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility - what parent wouldn’t want that? Each month, the Y helps us to stay connected and to thrive.”

— Carol, Summit YMCA Child Care parent


“LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA.  I am a breast cancer survivor.  During one of our group sessions we did an art project where I demonstrated the impact of the free, 12-week program on my life.  #1 is my life before cancer – happy, contented.  #2 shows how I felt when I was diagnosed - nervous and concern about the outcome.  #3 is when I was tentative but wanted to get back into life.  #4 is when I found LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA and started exercising for the first time in a small group community with caring Y trainers who understood my weakness. And I was surrounded by a group of survivors who supported my plan for wellness.  I am blossoming again.  I have found a true partner in my healing!”

— Anonymous, Berkeley Heights YMCA participant 


“It was a blessing to find out that my child qualified for a scholarship to cover the preschool tuition.  I am the only earning member of our family as my husband lost his job 5 months ago and he’s still looking for work.  The cost of any amount of quality childcare is a huge financial burden on a single income, and even more so when the parent who isn’t working is the primary bread winner.  I am so grateful that the Y provides a safe, nurturing and active environment for my child to learn and grow.  The time and attention that the staff spend with her teaching her colors and letters to teaching her how to take turns, to simply  playing games so much more than I am able to give her right now.   When my family is back on its feet, we hope to be able to provide the same kind of support to others that members of the Y community gave to us.”

— Janet, The Learning Circle YMCA parent


We understand that military families are under enormous strain. The Y proudly offers memberships and respite child care services to eligible military families and personnel to provide extra support during a time when loved ones are away from home. It’s our way of giving back to those who dedicate themselves to serving our country.

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