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Health and wellness

ac-yolanda"To reduce my high blood pressure, my doctor told me to start exercising. I came to the Y and am so grateful they gave me financial assistance. It is unusual for a 67 year-old Colombian woman to go to the gym, but I come twice a week to do Zumba, weights, machines and swimming. I've lost some weight and have become more energetic. And my medical bills are lower too since I need the medication less. I am an ambassador for the Y in my community.          
— Yolanda

health and wellness

ac-graham“As an 81 year old diabetic and a double amputee below the knee, it important that Graham does not become wheelchair bound. The exercise betters his mood, builds his endurance and range of motion, and gives him a sense of accomplishment. The Y is a bridge for him to the outside world - a community where he is welcomed."

— Mary, Graham's wife


“I chose the Y because everyone partnered with me on my journey. I had a place to bring my young children while I worked out. The instructors reassured me of my progress, and helped me keep perspective on losing the weight in small increments.”

— Kelly, Berkeley Heights YMCA member


“At age 13, I was self-conscious about my weight and decided to start working out and eat more healthy.  The many hours of hard work at the gym helped me lose close to 40 lbs!  I developed grit and commitment.  The Y helped bring that out in me.  My self-confidence and self-esteem are growing.  It makes my mom burst with pride.”     

— Jacob, Summit YMCA member


“When my ten year old son missed 40 days of school last year due to his asthma, his doctor prescribed cardio exercise as a way to strengthen his lungs.  In the nine months since we joined the Y, my son and I have come to the Y almost every day to get healthy.  What a difference the Y has made in our lives as AJ has only missed two days of school since then, and I have not had to worry about missing a day of work to care for him.  The Y’s low pressure workout environment made me feel welcome and my path back to recovery from a recent surgery was easier because I was more fit from working out with AJ.  Best of all, I love that the Y made a family membership affordable.  Now all five members of my family have an opportunity to live healthy.”

— Nancy and AJ Berkeley Heights YMCA members


“When the Y introduced the Healthy U program in my child’s classroom it was good to know that they were hearing that junk food and soda and sitting on the couch all day was not good from somebody other than me.  I am trying to change my kids diet and exercise habits and it is difficult.  But, nowadays they will tell me about “Whoa”, “Slow” and “Go” foods when I am in the supermarket.  And, the games they play with Ms. Bridgette at the Y are active but not high pressure – so they do not feel embarrassed they are not great athletes.  They have fun instead.”

— Mark, Summit YMCA member

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