Summit Area YMCA Association Services Directory

Paul Kieltyka

President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (908) 273-4270
Email Paul


Emily Aprea

Emily Aprea
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3206
Email Emily

Janet Smith

Janet Smith
Vice President, Human Resources
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3207
Email Janet

Janet Russell

Vice President, Development
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext.3203
Email Janet

Anjali McCormick
Vice President, Marketing
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3204
Email Anjali

Cecilia Aristizabal
Executive Assistant
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3208
Email Cecilia

Kisha Belton
Shared Services Marketing Department -Director of Web and Social Media
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3212
Email Kisha

William Brown

Director of Information Technology
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3128
Email William

Jeanine Costa
Operations Assistant and Camp Administrator
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3210
Email Jeanine

Gregory Dickinson
Youth Development Executive
Phone: (908) 273-3330 ext. 1162
Email Gregory

Lana Gantner

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3202
Email Lana

Debbie Graisser
Business Manager, Childcare
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3216
Email Debbie

Caitlin Jensen
Director of Grants and Special Events
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3217
Email Caitlin

Megeen Laska
Shared Services Marketing Department - Director of Communications
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3112
Email Megeen

Richard Maybe

Staff Accountant
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3215
Email Richard

Eileen Morris

Manager of Payroll and Benefits
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3209
Email Eileen

Lucria Ortiz
Annual Campaign Director
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext.3219
Email Lucria

Terry Polatchek

Director of Information Management
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3205
Email Terry

Gosia Smerdel
Graphic Designer
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3200
Email Gosia

Barbara Testa
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3211
Email Barbara

Cheryl Worobetz
Business Manager, Membership
Phone: (908) 273-4270 ext. 3214
Email Cheryl 
Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Us

490 Morris Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901

Tel: (908) 273-4270
Fax: (908) 273-4272
Email Ceci Aristizabal

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