2013 Donors

In 2013, board members, community, staff, sponsors and foundations gave generously to the Summit Area YMCA, to ensure that we can continue changing lives by providing services and programs to all, regardless of one’s financial resources. We are honored to recognize and extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following individuals and organizations. Donor listings reflect contributions made from January 1- December 31, 2013. Our sincerest apologies for any errors or omissions.


Members pledge gifts of $5,000 or more, payable over 3 years
$25,000 - $49,000
Susan and Christopher Birosak
Cynthia and Robert Martin

$15,000 - $24,999
Francie and Yon Cho
Linda and Ashley Cooper
Colleen and Robert Jeffries
Carroll and Richard Vicens

$10,000 - $14,999
Lauren and Peter Pardo

$5,000 - $9,999
Emily Aprea and Marc D’Auria
Terri and Joseph Clinton
Joyce Klimaski
Ashley and Philip Moos
Nora and Mark Muller
Gail Nelson and David Bona
Carole and R. Malcolm Schwartz


2013 Annual donations of $1,000 or more
$10,000 or more
Susan and Christopher Birosak
Francie and Yon Cho
Head Family Charitable Foundation on behalf of Linda and Robert Flanagan
Eileen Moriarty
Lisa Grattan and Robert F. Moriarty
Estate of Luther S. Roehm
The Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation
Overlook Hospital Foundation
Summit Area Public Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Elizabeth and John Crosby Jr.
E. J. Grassmann Trust
Michelle Berninger and Gregory Fernicola
Linda and Robert Flanagan
Laura and William Gump
Ellen and Stuart Hochberger
Investors Savings Bank
Cynthia and Robert Martin
Polly Palumbo and Lex Maultsby
Merck Company Foundation
Merck Consumer Care
Ellen and Robert Moore
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Laura and John Overdeck
Lauren and Peter Pardo
Marta and John Shaffer
Amy and David Spurr
Summit Garden Club
The Charles E. and Joy C. Pettinos Foundation
The Connell Company
Union Foundation
Mary and Norbert Weldon

$2,500 - $4,999
Margery and Robert Ashmun
Mary Livingston and Raymond Butkus
Charlotte and Paul Bashforth
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
John Combias
Component Web Services
Mary and Hugh D’Andrade
Amy and Carmine DiSibio
Constance and Robert Fowler
Alice and Thomas Gibbons
Colleen and Robert Jeffries
Gayle Petty-Johnson and Darrell Johnson
Jeanne and Edward Kingsley
Teresa and Kevin McGoey
Teresa Mendez-Polzo and Donald Polzo
Carolyn and Thomas Mulligan
Patricia and Raymond O’Byrne
Peapack Gladstone Bank
Elaine and David Phipps
Sheila and Albert Smith
Smythe Volvo
Lucy Marks and Scott Sprinzen
Sum It Up Lacrosse
Summit Lions Foundation
The George W. Bauer Family Foundation
The Junior League of Summit
The New York Community Trust
Union County Community Development Block Grant


$1,000 - $2,499
Allstate Foundation-Agency Hands in the Community
Andrews Technology
Batavia Cafe
Janice and Jeffrey Beckmen
Berkeley Heights Physical Therapy
Linda and Leonard Berkowitz
Teresa and Douglas Blagdon
Linda and David Blaskey
Bollinger Insurance
Broadridge Foundation
Victoria Brooks and David Lawrence
Betty and David Budd
Barbara and David Bunting
Cassandra and Robert Burke
Celgene Corporation
Charles Emil Thenen Foundation
Jane and F. Chandler Coddington
Colchester Capital, LLC
Marie and Anthony J. Combias
Annette Davila and Christopher Perrella
Erin and Keith DeCroix
DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehabilitation, LLC
Amy and Carmine DiSibio
Annette and Terence Dwyer
Catherine Engelbert
Tiffany and Stephen Escott
Susan Fieseler
James G. Fleischmann
Rhett Gano
Thomas Gibbons
Bernadine Gilroy
Lisa and Jeff Giroux
Christine and Andrew Gottesman
Susan and Jason Green
Thomas and Mary Greig
Hilltop Community Bank
Ruby Hollingsworth
Lori and David Ingerman
Elizabeth and Andrew Kriegman
Lend Lease
Beverly Luehs
Anjali and Kevin McCormick
Amy and John McGuire
Fran and David Metzler
Lisa and Steven Meyers
Denise and Peter Micca
Mary and Edgar Mokuvos
Lisa and Dennis Monaghan
Eileen Morris
Nora and Mark Muller
New Jersey YMCA State Alliance
Gia and Patrick O’Keefe
Open Systems Computing
Optimus Health Care Partners LLC
Linda and Vincent Pacilio
Wayne Paglieri
Jessica and Joe Perrone
Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
Kristen and Timothy Pierotti
Terry and Melvyn Polatchek
R. Seelaus & Company
Nora and Robert Radest
Anne and Robert Rewey
Sarah and Carl Sangree
Phyllis and Lewis Sank
Carole and R. Malcolm Schwartz
Pierre Seguin
Lori and Barry Sher
Janet and Greg Smith
Spire Group
Spray-Tek INC
Summit Health and Body Works
Sysco Food Services of Metro New York
Barbara Testa
The American Legion, Lindsey-Street Post # 322
The Sun Family Fund
Mary Lee and Patrick Trousdale
Elizabeth and James Vance
Miggy Vasquez and Beth MacKnight
Joanne and John Vigorita
Celia Colbert and Frederick Watts
Weldon Materials, INC
Christina Parker and Scott Welkis
Louis G. Zachary


2013 Annual donations of $500 - $999
Ceci and Jorge Aristizabal
Phyllis and Herbert Bachelor
Cynthia and Terry Baker
Lori and Eugene Bebout
Beechwood Title
Theresa and William Brown
Amy Burke
Dorothy and Charles Butler
Robin and Richard Callaghan
Beverley Casarico
Sheila and Raymond Chandonnet
Sara and Steven Christensen
Dana Cilento-Murphy
Jeanine Costa
Kelly and John Daab
Geeta and Bhooshi De Silva
Archie Gottesman and Gary DeBode
Ellen and Henry Dickson
Claire Toth and David Dietze
Margaret and Chip Dillon
Cindy and Vincent DiMassimo
Joan and Stewart Douglas
Ecard Transactions
Elements Massage
Maura and Steve Elia
Julia Englander
Kathleen and Peter Feeney
Anne Buckley
Joan and Michael Gambro
Lisa and Donald Grennon
Elizabeth and Frank Gump
Anna R. Guttilla
Suzanne and Thomas Hall
JoAnn Hansen
Cassandra Hardman
Susan and Eric Hubbard
Elsbeth and Jamie Iannone
Kay and Thomas Inglesby
Jewish Communal Fund
Dianne Kammerer
Jeff Kaufman
Sara and David Kelso
Julie Kimmel and Philip Schluter
Stephanie C. Kramer
Margaret Laub and Jack Governale
Jeanne and Stephen Lawler
Mary Ellen and David Lawrence
Mary and Peter Loeser
Shirley Mangin
Mark and Rosaleen Matthews
Margaret and Richard Maybe
Alana and Richard McDonald
Elizabeth and Jason McFadden
Marley McSweeney
Ruth and William Meagher
Peter Metz
Julianne and John Meyerholz
Dennis Miller
Diana and Kieran Moran
Jane and Steve Murphy
Jim Nadler
Nicole Nieves
Maria Nolting
Kris Ohleth
Lucria Ortiz and Ashburt Ebanks
Mary Parker
Melissa Pauls
Janine and Joseph Poggi
Point View Wealth Management, Inc
Precise Publications LLC
Precision Escalator Products, Inc.
Eileen and James Rath
Jessica Rehfuss
Renee Rehfuss
Dale Reyer
Donna Conforti and Paul Rissman
Scott Ryan
Cynthia and Stephen Schluter
Seelaus the Investments Experts
Peter Smith
Hyona Revere and Jeff Sobel
Donna and Doug St. Amant
Alice Stein
Alison Tozer
Denis Turko
City of Summit
Juan Verastegui
Carroll and Richard Vicens
Vitusa Products
Robbin Woods
Helen Workman
Cheryl and John Worobetz


2013 Annual donations of $250 - $499
Johanna and Carlos Aguilera
Elaine and Kevin Anderson
Sangita Avasthi
Kelly Newcomb and Traci D. Basaman
Bauer Auto Service
Beacon Hill Tavern and Restaurant
Tracy and Matthew Beveridge
Erika and Rodney Blackley
Emilie Boggis
Ann and Stanley Borowiec
Diane Botticelli
Robert Bourne
Paula and Joseph Britton
Mary Bruns and W. Steven Jones
Robert Buchanan
Marianne and Stephen Busby
Maureen Capko
Debbie and Robert Carbone
Marybeth and James Clark
Ben Collins
Cynthia and James Connelly
Doug Cox
D & B Auto Supply
Stephen Dinsmore
Susan and Patrick Donnellan
Philip Dorch
Dreyer’s Lumber
Edible Arrangements
Aubrey Reichard - Eline and Daniel Eline
Enginuity, LLC
Jodi English
Nelson Espeland
Beatrice and John Fagan
Stefanie and David Faris
Lois Farrell
Aimee and John Feeley
JoAnn and Robert Feeney
Christine and John Floegel
Dr. Justin Fried
Elizabeth Lynn Gaglione
Lori and Curt Gay
Suzanne and Jordan Glatt
Kathryn and Dean Goldberg
Adam Golden
Beth Goldstein
Victoria and Paul Guagliardo
Susan and Stuart Guber
Jean Crichton and Robert Gunhouse
Judy and T. Brett Haire
Pamela and Eric Halpin
Bradley Hanson
Adrian Hawkins
Anne and James Hayes
Terry and Joseph Healy
Hellman Electric Corporation
Kevin Hill
Nicole and Keith Ho
Jill and Michael Hoefs
Glory DeSimone and John Hoffman
Abby and Avi Horev
Carolyn and Charles Hough
Ying Hu and Ernie Yi Ou
Marcus Jackson
Thomas Jackson
Caitlin and Patrick Jensen
Michelle and Reed Kean
Michelle and James Keller
Morgan Klaif
Jennifer and Peter Kohan
Patricia and Zenon Komar
Laura Korfmann and Brian Potasiewicz
Lynn and Glenn Kramer
Jill and Clifford Lange
Irene and Edsel Clinton Langley
Jessica Larcombe
Elizabeth and Scott Lenz
Catherine and John Lyness
Anne and Tom MacCowatt
Magic Fountain
Sheila and Peter Marchetta
Maria Marinaccio
Ellen Marsan
Andrea Mather
Amy and Steven McLaughlin
Lois and David Melka
Gracia and Francisco Mena
Lucinda Mercer and Richard Cole
David Merkel
Leslie and William Milton
Jeffrey Nachman
New Providence Chiropratic
Karen and James E. Nicely
William O’Connor
Anna O’Rear
Gina and Walter Owens
Peter Podolski
Professional Physical Therapy
Kristen and Patrick Ramsey
Micha and Evans Revere
Laura Riddell
Virginia and Robert Roriston
Laura and Jeffrey Schaffer
The Schlesinger Family Foundation INC
Shelly and William Scott
Susan and Peter Sidebottom
Brittany Simon and Dorian Jackson
Gosia Smerdel
Heidi and Leigh Smith
South Jersey Energy Company
State Farm - Glisel Jimenez Agency
Lori and Harold Stern
Alyson and Scott Strasser
Summit Electrical Supply
Summit Food Market
Summit Frame & Art, Inc.
Isabel and Thomas Sutton
The Muddy Boot INC
The Redwoods Group Foundation, Inc.
The UPS Store of Summit
Lynda Tuberty-Vaughan and Damon Vaughan
Village Trattoria of Summit
Tracy and Jeffrey Wanamaker
Mark Ward
Kathy and Don Weida
Adrienne and Paul Wendel
Jenny Kim and Francis Weng
Pamela and Sumner White
Sandra and Art Williams
Antoinette Williams
The Willliams Family
Dalila and Dan Wisniewski
Judy Wong
World Class Pet Grooming and Boarding
Heather Worthy
Lindsey and Taylor Wright


2013 Annual donations of $100 - $249
Kristi Ann and John P. Abbey
Ailyn Abin
Wayne Ackerman
Advanced Electric
Maria Aguilar
James Ahlstrom
Frank Alansky
Allied World
Allstate Giving Campaign
Stephania Altenor
Douglas Anderson
Ruth and Arnold Aprahamian
Diane and Joseph Arminio
Eleanor and Nick Armstrong
Mary Arnella-Venezia
James Atkinson
Karen and William Ayres
B.P.O. Does Essex Drove No. 251
Monika Baldassarre
Robert Baldwin
Jill Barbera
Sharon and Paul Barton
Vicki Baum
Robert Bechberger
Marlene and George Beck
Robert Becker
George Bell
Nikki and John Bendl
Jennifer and Richard Benn
James Bennett
Natalie Bergman
James Berkery
Natalie Berman
Megan Brown
Arline and Samuel Bleecker
Julie and Thomas Bliemel
Victoria and Thomas Bligh
Linda Block and Geoffrey Stern
Nicole and John Blomfield
Tom Boak
Angela Bos
Josh Bottum
Vincent Bove
Katherine and Richard Bower
Ellen Boylan and A. Dennis White
Kim and Robert Bredahl
Thomas Brendle
Elizabeth and James Bride
Naomi Arad Broome
Dorothea Brown
Stefania and James Ross Brownlee
Margaret and Eb Brucker
Allen Bryant
Susan Buchner and Jason Biegel
Kristina and Leland Bunch III
Teresa Bunkers
Meagan and Guthrie Burke
Bridgette Byrne
Kristin and Michael Cacicedo
Lenore Cahn
Meghan and Rob Calichman
Jenny McMahon
Rose Marie Campano
Dana Candelino
Nancy Caputo
Suzanne Carrubba
Elizabeth and Anthony Cassano
Christine and Michael Cassu
Carla Castaneda
Frank Cavallo
John Cave
Maria Cestone
Sutton Chan
Estella Chen
Anita Cheung
Christina and Michael Chin
Karen Chmelar
Marie and Craig Chobor
Felice Chuang
Robert Cianci
Carol and Ralph Cicerone
Nina Cichocki
Cindy and John Clark
Timothy Clewell
B.J. and Thomas Coghan
Jesse Cohen
Lorie Combias
Patricia and Josh Connor
Nakita Cook-Young
Foy and Kenneth Cooley
Joni Cooper-Volski
Carl Corneilson
Michael and Athina Cornell
Amanda Corredor
Gabriel Corredor
Maureen Coyle
Joan Culver
Karen Cummins
Aileen D’Atri and Scott Glickman
Marianna Davila
Brenda and Jerome Deener
Barbara and Mark DeMarco
Julie and James DeMarco
Karen and Andrew DePhillips
Robert Diab
Dialectic Design LLC
Jacquelyn Dix
The Dome Family
Stacy and Damien Donck
Deirdre and Frank Donnantuono
Lee and Robert Donnelly
Julie Donohue
Cheryl Downer
Dun & Bradstreet
Kathleen Dunn
Elizabeth Duttenhofer
Maureen and Charles Emmons
Peter Engler
Vincent Enright
Carmelina Delguercio-Evans and Richard Evans
Carla Eyum
Elizabeth and Kevin Fagan
Regina and Bernard Feeney
Victor Felipe
Jing Feng
Gail Ferrell
Ken Finni-Tedesco
Benjamin Fitzgeorge
Douglas Flaum
Barbara and Walter Forrester
Ann Francese
Susan Francese
Kathi Franolich and Stephen Eliseo
Lamont Freeman
Coni Frezzo
David Fried
Nicholas Frumkin
Rochelle and John Patrick Fuhrmann
Caroline and Howard Furst
Angelanette Gamble
Joan Gambro
Ann and Kevin Garrity
Lisa Garrity
Ellen Gaske
Christine Genova
Carol Genova
Kathryn and John Gettings
Nicola and Keith Gibson
Kelly and John Gibson
Diane and Michael Gigliotti
Sandra Giraldo and Edward Grajales
Cristina Girgis
Donna and John Goceljak
Mariana and James Golden
Jane Golden
Emilie Seguin
Deborah Graisser
Randy Greasham
Shabazz Green
Susan Greene
Donald Grennon
Angela Griefen
Kenneth Grispin
LaRonda Gumm
Anna R. Guttilla
Michael Haas
Linda and Kevin Haines
Susan Hairstone
Halls Garden Center & Florist
Gisela and Donald Hamm
Toni Harrell
Anna and Guy Haselmann
Mary Ellen Hassett
Dawne and Andrew Hausman
John M. Havas
Lisa Hernandez
Isaiah Hill
Bruce and Sarah Hillenbrand
Jennifer Hoffman
Judith Hofmeister
Beverly Holland
Nora Holley
Nicole and Daniel Hooks
The Horan Family
Charles Hough
Suzanne and Joshua Howe
Ying Hu and Ernie Yi Ou
Helene Hulse
Russell Hulsizer
Patricia Huston
Kelly and Bill Iacovelli
Jacqueline Ippolito
Suzanne Jenks
Heather and Allan Johnston
Tiffany and Robert Jones
Robin and Jamie Kanterman
Elsie Kanu
Sharon and David Kapilow
Melissa Kardos
Nancy Gorman and Jeffrey Kaufman
Ritamarie Kaufman
Kelly and John Kavanagh
Tracy and Thomas Keegan
Kathryn and James Keenan
Meri and William Kelsay
Mr. Kelso
Kavita and Rajiv Kewalramani
James Kilkenny
Anne and Michael Kilkenny
Leslie and Thomas Killian
Julie Kimmel and Philip Schluter
Stacey and Christopher Kinum
George Klacik
Carolyn Klimas
Pamela and Kevin Koehler
Lauren and Peter Koniaris
Maureen and Joseph Koziol
Janet Krannawitter
Anne and Walter Krasny
Sara and Spiro Kremmidas
Alda and Allan Krinsman
Robert Kurz
Dana and Peter Langerman
Tatiana LaSasso
Joyce Laudise
Robert Lecky Jr.
Kate and Bruce Lee
Karen and Jason Lemme
Flavio Loaiza
Lawrence Lockhart
Sharon Loeb and Michael Bryan
Mary Ann and Jean Lombardo
Diana Londono
Aura Lora
Carolina Lora
Raul Lora
Sharon Lowy
Catherine and Marc Loy
The Lyman Family
Julia Lynch
Bernardine Wu-Maddox and Keith Maddox
Michael Maher
Nancy Manfredo-Aristizabal
Vicky and William Manning
Ann Marie and Walter Marx
Linda and Robert Massengill
Manjiri and Naveen Mathur
Nicholas Matthes
Jesula Mauraud
Mazzucco Masonry L.L.C
Debborah Mazzucco
Tim McAloon
Deb and Erin McCann
Amy and Jack McCarthy
Amanda and Paul McConnon
Kie McCrae
Kathy McCue and Robert Davis
Liz McCulloch
Melissa McDermott
Tammy McLean
Stacy and Joseph McNamara
Amy and Pete Medina
Glenn Meier
Francisco Mena
Ileana M. Mendez and Kevin Lorenz
Miberly Merino
Elizabeth Migliori
Carmela and Stephen Miller
Dana Mirabella
Sameer Mittal
Michelle and Jess Moon
Vivian Moroli
Patricia and James Morreale
Marlene Motka and Jonathan Lawrence
David Mozes
Bishakah Mukherjee
Linda and Cliff Mulcahy
Karen Mulvihill
Anita and Steve Murphy
Christine and Brian Murray
Lisa Nathan
Kelly and Peter Newcomb
Patricia Ohleth
Harry Olsen
Judy O’Neill
Muhtarjan Osman
Sylvia and Kevin Owens
Carol and Albert Parillo
Maheshkumar Patel
Aruna V. Patwardhan
Judith and Kenneth Peskin
Pfizer, Inc.
Lori Piazza
Catherine and John Piech
Pine Valley Tree Service
Irma Pinzon
Cathy and Jim Pitingolo
Dr. Peter Pizzi and Mrs. Marguerite Pizzi
Mary Polizzi-Breen
Catherine and James Porter Jr.
Christa and Charles Pratt
Martha Prezuhy
Patricia Priest
Sharon and Scott Pryor
Kathryn and Michael Radutzky
Sharadha and Ramarahandra Ramani
Pamela and Frank Randazzo
John Raymundo
Lisa and Darren Recupero
Ram Reddy
Camellia Lowry-Redmerski and Ron Redmerski
Myrene and Jesse Reyes
Geoffrey Richards
Lynn and Peter Richardson
Donna Conforti and Paul Rissman
John A. Robb
Alaine Roberts
Wendy Rodriguez
Karen and David Rossi
Eileen and Thomas Roth
Debbie Runfolo and Michael Luby
Autumn and Peter Ruschmeier
Catherine Russo
Rutherford Telephone
Annamaria Ruziev
Nagib Saab
Angelo Sabatelle
The Sachs Family
Victor Salazar
Susan and Scott Samay
Karen and Norman Sanyour
Jeffrey Sapara
Tia Sargent
Leigh Schaedel and Joseph Anderson
Victoria and Bryan Schait
Schatten & Locker, LLC
Debby and Barry Scheinholtz
Laurie Schreibman
The Screnci Family
Justine and David Segal
Betty Ann and James Sentner
Sonia and Bruno Sequeira
Reshma and Chintan Shah
Brian Shanahan
Jennifer Shaoul
Tom Shepherd
William Shore
Sue and Ned Sienko
Tatyana Sierant
Sherri and Michael Simko
George G. Simmons
Joyce and Ed Simon
Cheryl and Stephen Smith
Christian Smith
Jenna and Tyler Smith
Stephen Socolof
Rachel Soloway
Hillary and Andrew Solowy
Joan and Frank Souder
Mary Speckhart
Rich Stamberger
Marvin Steller
The Sternheim Family
Melvaleen and Ethan Steward
Edwin C. Stewart
Kayla Stewart
Lesley and Thomas Stiska
Sublime Salon, LLC
Mary Mooney and James Suell
Cynthia and John Sullivan
Summit Industrial Hardware
Survivor Fire & Security System, INC
Cynthia Swajkowski
Susan Sylvestri
Tab Control, INC
Teresa Tauber
The Mardini Family Trust
Lucy Thompson
Amy and Brett Tomlinson
Liz and Frank Topper
Tea Tsaava
Nancy Tyson
Thomas Ucko
Alan Vales
Monserrat Vargas
Rene and Michelle Veloso
Christine and Andrea Vianello
Julie Vlass
Patricia Votey
Richard Vreeland
Mary and Norman Wagner
Sharon and Peter Waldron
Susan and Frederick Wallach
Jeff Weidenborner
Carrie Weintraub
Elissa Weldon and Rick Pothier
Dianne Wells
Joan White
Mark White
Pamela White
Brandon Wilkins
Amy Willets and Nicholas Barbato
Lauren Willis
Diana and Patrick Winram
Robert Wortzel
Bobbi Young
Allison Zeimann
Laura and Jeffrey Zerweck
Lin Zhao and Jianyou Tan
Yi Chen and Yifeng Zheng
Alison and Scott Zoellner


2013 Annual donations of $99 - $1
Syed Hussain Abbas
Tam Abitante
Britney Abrew
Patricia Abut
Lois and Ken Ackerman
Shannon and Bret Adams
Joanne Adams
Melissa Addonizio
Joan Griffin and David Adelman
Dixa and Rosmy Aguilar
Nazish Ahmed
Mary and Jerry Aimette
Asad Akhtar
Brett Alachniewicz
Alario International
Courtney and Christopher Alberta
Roy Albertalli
Austin Alfano
Jamie Allen
Ana Almeida and Paulo Gomes
Rachel Altman and Peter Mattson
Joseph Altongy
Barbara Alves
Monisha and Kean L Amaral
Elizabeth Anderson
Martha and William Anderson
Mark Andrews
Yves Anidjar
Bridget Curley and Michael Annunziata
Mary Ann and Michael Apuzzio
Kirsten and Thomas Arcella
James Archer
Jacinta Lawler and John Ard
Maria Aviles and Erich Arispe
Kyle Arnold
Becky Rambo and Jeff Arricale
Marleny Arroyave
Janine Ataide
James Atkinson
Marie Avagliano
Justin Ayers
John Babineau
Charlene and Stephen Baker
Theodore Baldwin
Anita and Robert Bamford
Banderas Restaurant
Katharyn Banks and William Hoefling
Stacia and Peter Barnet
Heidi Larkka Barnum
Tracy Barragan
Jennifer and John Barrasso
Lisa and Andy Barsh
Soo Bang and Dan Barth
Barth’s Market
Rahul Basak
Elena and Evgeny Bauman
Peter Bavoso
Yola and Edouard Beaubrun
Stacy and William Beckett
Lonny Behar
Rachel and Jeffrey Behm
Kathy Bell
Celeste and Jason Bennett
Joan Bennett
Miklavz Bevc
Denise Beyer
Thomas Billings
Frances Bird
Emily Birkitt
Sunil Garg and Michel Bitritto
Laura and Todd Black
Donald E Blaesser
Elizabeth Blamble-Marvin and James Marvin
Marjorie and Marc Blanchard
Diane Blancuzzi
Rachel Blau
Samuel and Arline Bleecker
Howard Block
Eileen and Anthony Bonacci
Laura and Trevor Bond
Christopher Bonetti
Jim Bonner
Veronica and Michael Bonnet
Candice Booker
Clifford Booth
Jimmy Bormann
Keren Palgi Bornstein
Sabrina Borra
Richard Bosland
Maribeth and Benjamin Bowen
Christina and Derek Bowen
Cheryl and D. Craig Bowman
Julianne Boyce
Carol and Peter Boyer
James Boyle
David Bracho
Tracey Bradford and Michael Martin
Joanne Lloyd-Bragg and Brian Bragg
Stephanie and David Brandley
Jill Bray
Rebecca Bremberg
Marleny Bremner
Michael Brendzel
Cara and William Brennan
Anne Marie and Robert Bress
Karine Coue and Jean-Philippe Briant
Paula Britton
Laura and Michael Brody
Lesley and David Brooks
Lisa Martin and Chris Brown
Alice Browne and Penny Green
Susan Browne
Marc Bruckstein
Lisa and Phil Bruno
Anthony Buccelli
James Buchanan
Michael Buchholz
Ed Buob
Rachel Burke
Frances Burns
Jill and Lawrence Burns
Katie and Rus Burrows
Velta and Gilbert Burton
Sarah Burton
Desmond Butler
Christine Cadmus
Susan and Michael Cagnassola
Dana Cahill
Monica Callaghan
Lori Cambria
Joseph Camerone
Susan and Mike Cannilla
Karen and Mark Caplan
Patricia Caputo
Sam Carbone
Landis Carey
Suzanne Bopp and Erik Carlson
Michelle and Brian Carpenter
Victoria and Craig Carrigan
Judith and David Carrington
Claudia and Clark Carson
Ralph Caruso
Alysia and William Carver
Janet and Lou Casagrande
Patricia and Thomas Cassin
Megan and Timothy Castano
Georgina Castro
Kimberly Castro
Sandra V Castro
Nicole Castronuovo and Chris Cordaro
Manuel Catarino
Leslie and Joseph Caulfield
Ellen and Paul Cavallaro
Alejandra Ceballos
Lourdes Cespedes
Susan Chait
Shirley Chan
Suzanne and Jeffrey Charatan
Rosalaine Charles
Patricia Charles
Shawn Chatoorang
Ramon Ortega Chaw
Rong Chen
Nicolette Chin and Jonathan Limmer
Andrea and Luis Chipana
Denice and Kareem Christian
Stephen Ciccarella
John Cipoletti
John Cirelli
Laurie Clark
Cynthia and Merrill Clark
Katharine and Silas S. Clark
Cathy Corman-Cmaylo and Walter Cmaylo
Kevin Coakley
Elizabeth and Frank Codey
Susan Coffey and Jeff Houston
Roberta and David Cohen
Edith Cohen and Alexander Wang
Ora Cohen
Janet Coldon
Louise Collins
Lisa Conigliaro
Beth and Jason Conti
Sabrina and Richard Contratti
Nancy and Joseph Conzolo
Augustus Corley
Joseph Cornell
Catherine and Jose Correa
Joanne and Christopher Cort
Karen and John Coughlan
Patricia and Robert Coughlin
Zaida and Sergio Couto
Carol and Andy Cowherd
Theresa Cowing
Dolores and John Cranley Jr.
Ann-Margaret and Jeffrey Crater
James Crisfield
Kim Crites-Carloto and Joseph Carloto
Trevor Cromwell
Kathleen and Michael Cronin
Gail Suzanne and Phillip Cronin
Cecilia and Bart Crum
Culver Chiropractic
Cindy Cui
Mary and Whitley Cummings
Mary Sheehan and Tom Cummins
Carolyn and Stephen Cutler
Vanessa Cutler
Patrice and John Cuzzocrea
Thomas Dackow
Lisa and Steve Dadourian
Kazuki and Seiichi Daimo
Denise D’Alberti
Valerie and Glenn Dalton
Luanne D’Amato and Douglas Butler
Susan and Scott Daniel
Marrin and Patrick Darcy
Aileen D’Atri
Kaushik Datta
Lauri David
Phyllis David
Heather Davis and Sean Ryan
John Davis
Karen and David Davis
Pamela Davis
Sydney Davis
Amber and Barry Davret
Kanya Dayananth
Altaf Dayani
Sharon and Ron De Gier
Constance Delio
Dean’s Greens
Kelly Deere and Lee Shavel
Donna and Daniel Delargy
Tracy DeMeola
Karen M. Dempsey
Louisa and Nicholas Denison-Pender
Daniela DeSa
Christina DeSarno
Kevin Devonshire
Lina Di Blasio and Paul Cugno
Christina DiCosmo
Alison Diecke
Rachel and Casey Diekman
Tricia Dietl
Vincent Diez
Susanne Digel
Tara and Michael DiGeronimo
Christine Dilly
Elizabeth and Joseph DiMaria
Kathryn Dobbs
Dina and Michael Dolan
Lyudmila Domracheva
Meghan Donaldson
Jennifer Doninger
Colleen and James Donnelly
John A Donnelly
Maribeth and Ron Donohue
The Dooley Family
Lona Dorsett-Taylor
Carla Dorsi
Patricia Dorsi
Wendy Kraus and Daniel Doster
Jennifer Dottle and Greg Duckoff
Lora and Matthew Dougherty
Jewel Douglas
Linda Douma
Bert Downs
Caroline Doyle
Joan Doyle
Barbara Dlugosz and Eugene Kappock
Lisa and James Dworkin
Rebecca Dwyer
Karen and Bruce Dykes
Jessica Dymond
Douglas Eakeley
Jennifer and James Easton
Betsy and Greg Economou
Sherian Edgreen
Jason Ein and Francesco Daelli
Theodore Eldracher
Kate Elliott
Christine and Michael Ellmer
Barbara and Amr Elshaer
Mary and Claus Engelbrechtsen
Barbara Engo
Carolyn and Mark Enman
Karin and Paul Erber
Marilyn and Henry Esnes
Carlos Espinoza
Amy and John Esposito
Hope Estep
Diana and Ed Ettinger
Yolanda and Peter Evangelist
Dana and Chris Ewing
Exquisite Wallcovering Designs
Katie Faggiano
Lynn Falanga
Brydget Falk-Drigan and Alex Drigan
Gregory Fan
LaToya Farrell
Nathan T. Faust
Vivianny and Luis M Faustino
Diane and Mitchell Feinberg
Joyce Feinstein
Donna Felezzola
Ana Rojas and Enrique Feoli
Ferdinand Jewelers
Tracy and Wells Ferdinand
Sue and Mark Fessler
Sana and Muhammad Feteiha
Charles Fethe
Maureen and Eduardo Fiallo
Kristen and Glenn Fisher
Lois Fisher
Claire and Kevin Fitzsimmons
Janet Flinn
Barbara and Edward Flynn
Amanda Ford
Samantha Forgione
Tracy and Charles Forsyth
Estelle Fournier and Alberto Lopez-Silvero, MD
Phaedra Agius and Daniel Z. Fowler
Joseph Frank
Cory and Richard Frear
Evelyn Freeman
Lauren and Brian Freeman
Giuliana Freyre
Michael Friedman
Leslie Frost
Ivette Fuller
Matthew Fulton
Rhona M. Furey
Megan and Gene Gaeta Jr.
Christine and Rick Galiardo
Juliana de Faria and Peter Gallagher
Mariano Gambuzza
Matthew Garawitz
Michael Garcia
Helen and Thomas Gargan
Ryan Gavin
Yingfeng Qiao and ShenZhang Ge
Laura and Joseph Geist
Rosemarie and Charles Gelber
Gelormini’s Auto Repairs
Snezhana and Deyan Georgieva
Betty and Grant Gerow
Kathryn and Thomas Getzendanner
Holly and Sam Ghelfi
Barbara and Anthony Giarmo
Kyle Giffen
Laurine Gilbert
Loren Gilbert
Sandy and Pete Gilsenan
Elaine Giordano
Gracie Bryant
Sinta and Matthew Giulvezan
Deanna and Charlie Gomez
Jessica Goncalves
Danielle Gonzales and Daniel Grant
Risa Gorelick
Sallie and David Gotoff
Matthew Grainger
Fran Gray
William Green
Margaret and Michael Grego
Risa and Adam Greiss
Jane and David Grewcock
Nancy Emery and Raffi Grigorian
Jennifer and Paul Groce
Donna and John Groskoph
Elaine and Paul Gross
Rosa Grossman
Lori Guadagno
Patricia Guerin
Charles Gusmer
Nancy and Michael Guzman-Flanagan
Karen Haas
Peter Haas
Janeane Haines
Debra and Jeff Halverstadt
Barbara Halvorsen
Judith Hamilton
LaRhonda Hamilton
Barry Handwerger
Hannah and Will Harbaugh
Maureen and Brian Harkins
Agnes Harris
Melissa and Matthew Harris
Racquel Harris
Debbie and Michael Havas
Taylor Harvel and Steve Rogers
Catherine Hawrusik
Rebecca Hayes
Thomas Hearden
Eileen and William Hedges
Stephanie Henderson
Karen and Frank Hendrie
Scott Hendrix
Deborah and Richard Hennessy
Georgianne and Roy Hennessy
Hope and Gary Herbst
Kristin Herendeen
Mary Hicks
Melissa and Luis Hidalgo
Bridget Higgins
Mary and Kevin Higgins
Jessica Hobson Perkins and Stafford Perkins
Jennifer Li-Hochberg and Jason Hochberg
Sheila and Joel Hoff
Nancy Hoffmann
Clarissa Holland
Biff Hollowell
Ashley Holmes
Larry Holmes
Rachel and Jeff Honigstock
Mark Hopkins
Ivy Horan
Kathleen and Kevin Horan
Leroy Horn
Paula Ehrenberg and Daniel P. Horner
Stacy and Lee Howell
Denise Hrynkiewicz
Randi Hsu
Disheng Huang and Chungwai Lai
Sher and Jude Huang
Angela and Andrew Huber
Sonia Khullar-Hubert and Herve Hubert
Jodi Huckabee and Andrew Butville
Bo and Andrew Humphrey
Benny Hurtado
Jennifer Hutzel
Sharon and Marc Iacoangelo
Robin and Robert Iantosca
Jhovanna Ibanez
Slavica Iglicar and Pritam Dodeja
Joseph Illan
E. Adele Irving
Arlene and Geronimo Isidro
Jennifer Isralowitz
Era Anne Izano and Onur Babaogly
Eilen Jackson
Terry and Raymond Jacobs
Jan Jacovini
Mohamad Jafarzadeh
Susan and David Janazzo
Ellen Jeffery
Carlton Jenkins
Deirdre Jensen
Huimiad Jiang
Yuan Xiong and Kan Jiang
Coralinda and Thomas John
Johnson & Johnson
Peter Johnston
Pat and Paul Joinnides
Michael Joliat and Patrick Quinn
Courtney Judd
Jenna Julien
William Kalaris
Rama and Steve Kalia
Katherine and Steven Kalin
Leslie Kaltenbach
Bina and Atul Kanagat
Heather Kantorek and Daniel Ivanciw
The Kaplan Family
Mary Kate and Eric Kaplan
Sudeshna and Vivek Kapoor
Vineet and Varianny Kapur
Jeff Kaufman
Mary Ann and Brian Kaufman
Colleen Kelly
Denise and Gregory Kelly
Patricia and John Kelly
Maggie Kelly
Rachel A. Kempster and Matthew Barry
Leif Kerkela
Sharon Kern
Jamie and Michael Kessel
Manasee Khedlekar
Elaine Khuu
Andrea Kilby
Robert Kinloch
Sara and Stephen Kirsch
Suzanne Klein and Daniel Wozinski
Andrew Knight
Jennifer Kohan
Susan Kuney and Victor Kolvites
Leslie Kantor and Joseph Koridek
The Kostolansky Family
Robert Kovacs
Meredtih Miller and Philip Kowalczyk
Rachel and Douglas Kramer
Linda Kress
Denise and Brian Krieger
William Krinsman
Alicia and Brian Kubeck
Lauren Woods and Robert Kuczik
David and Dina Kulesz
Michael Kyle
Kimberly and J. Gregory Lahr, Sr.
Shirley Lam
Virginie Aris and Jason lambert
Concetta F. Lamore
Cynthia and Clark Landale
James Landwehr
Bridget Lang and Mark Ortolani
Ryan Lantier
Ana Maria Lara
Cathy and John Larson
Kerri L. Laudati
Rekha and Jeffery Law
Jeanne and David Lawton
Gaddi and Brian Layden
Elise and Steven Lazarus
Jennison Lee
Robert E Leeks
Allison and James Lees
Gina Lefferts
Virginia Lehne
Darren Lehrich
Meghan Leigh and Markefe Vance
Chandra Lekha Rao
Keith Lerch
Karen and John Leski
Judy Levine
Vanessa and David Lew
Jackie and Steven Lewis
Lexis Nexis
Chin Li
Christina Lieberman
Lin Family
Dina Linde
Janie and Allan Links
Yong Liu
John Livingstone
Margaret Lloyd
Joseph Loeffler
Jennifer and Robert Lombardi
Sussan Lopez and Jack Pires
Maria and Michael Lorditch
Miguel Lorenzo
Adrienne H. Lowenstein
Bruce Lowry
Catherine Loy
Dara and Michael Luber
Scott Lubin
Tanya Lugo
Giovanni Luisi
Zuzelin Martin Lynch and Rick Lynch
Rosemichele Sorvino-Macchia and George Macchia
Rona and Chuck Machlin
Jenifer and Gregory Madden
Roopa Mahale and Taha Patel
Alejandro Mahe
Anu and Eswar Mahendra
Pat and Joe Maio
Susan Liao and Johnny Mak
Megha Malali
Sue and Chris Malley
Genevieve and Matthew Mallgrave
Andrew J Mallia
Claire Mammen
Maritess Manaluz and Tim Shannon
Jacqui Mandelbaum
William Manganelli
Erica Manocchio and Vincent Nicolino
Donna Lee Mantel
Rosalinda and John Markels
Danilo Marquez
Kenneth Marsh
Angie Shultz and Edward Martin
Wayne Martin
Mary and Justin Martys
Philip Marzo
Stephanie Massaro
John Matis
Amanda Matrone
Kimberly Matta
Diana Mattina
Antonia and Christopher Maurizi
Eugene Maxwell
Debbie Mayo
Kelly McAdam
Egeta McAnuff
Francesca and Edward McBride
Lori and Daniel Mcconvey
Tim McDonagh
Patricia and Ian McDonald
Graeme McEvoy
Amy McGovern
Joanne McGrath
John McGrath
Rosanne McGraw
John McGuire
Robert McIntosh
Michelle and Richard McKern
Pam and Thomas McKinlay
Lorraine and William McLaughlin
Warren McLeod
Conor McNally
Robert McNutt
Christine and Andrew Meany
Karen Medler
Siddhart Mehta
Lori Meier
Andrea and Anthony Melchiorre
The Melchiorre Family
Clarita and Anthony Mele
Gianina and Nicolas Meltzer
Mark Mendlen
Elizabeth and Robert Mercogliano
Midge Meyerowitz
Carol Michaels
April Middleton
John P. Miller
Lee Ann Miller
Samantha Miller
Carmela and Stephen Miller
Heidi Miltun-Gokan
Rosalind Mims
Kimberly and Robert Minero
Michael Mirabella
Alexa Miranda
Shruti and Mayank Mishra
Zoe and Ray Mitchell
Jamilla Mobley
Alan Mon
Debra and Steven Monaco
Christopher Montemurno
Elizabeth and Daniel Montgomery
Olivia Moore
Hugo Morales
Kendra and Julian Morris
Bernadette and Allan Morris
Bruce Morrison
Linda Morrison
Sherry and Gary Morsches
Stephen Mortenson
Nicholas Mosso
Scott Muir
Tony Muller
Olga Tencio
Barbara Murphy
Chrystiane and Glenn Murphy
Allison Murphy
Rebecca and Christopher Murphy
Catherine and Thomas Murphy
Christine and Paul Murray
Shreesh and Ramachandra Naik
Chandana Nallan
Irene and Stephen Natale
Joseph Navickas
Barbara and Paul Neidich
Melissa and Dan Nelson
Lisa Nemiroff
Peter Nerby
Stephanie and Larry Nesser
Amy and Sean Newcombe
Cara and Ryan Newman
Anuranjini Nigam
Meara and Bruce Nigro
Katie Nitzberg
Juree Noel
Shannon and Rob Novak
Nancy Nubel
Lynne and Joseph Oakes
Leslie and Nick Oberhuber
Reiko Ohye
Stacey and Gage Olcott
John Oldakowski
Stephy Olickal
Jim Olizarowicz
Felix A. Olmo
Deborah and Erik Olsen
Patrice O’Neill
Martha and Matthew Oplinger
Irene and Henry Ornovitz
Heather O’Rourke and Bart Ferrigno
Francoise Owarish-Gross and Joe Gross
Lisa and Mick Owens
P/Kaufmann Inc
Victoria Pacheco
James Packes
Timothy Pagan
Susan Palatini
Alaka Palsole- Srivastav
Carol Pankuck
Gopikrishnan Panneerselvam
Anthony Papeo
Helen and Charles Park
Maureen Parker
Rosemaire Parkes
Sonurita Parmar and Raj Singh
Jill and Michael Parry
Alison Pasciucco
Christopher Paszkowski
Urvashi and Viral Patel
John Patterson
Isabella Pavan
Neisha and Damian Payne
Elizabeth Peck
Eleanor Peoples
Terry and Siobha Perdue
Girgeth Perez
Anne and Silvio Perrella
Paul Pertusi
Leigh Peter
Georgios Petrides
Marc Pickard
Kristen and Timothy Pierotti
John Pignata
Terence Pilgrin
Niki Pinto
Irvy Pinzon
Jeanine Pitchell
Anna Pitingolo
Christa Plantener
Veronica and Kristopher Pogorzelski
Sarah and Scott Pollack
Maryclare Poole and Kathleen Adamik
Krista and Alex Posada
Maria and Jorge Posada
David J. Power
Margaret Prentice
Sonya Pretzel and Frederico Vidozzi
Ingrid Priego
Jesseca Pringle
Lynda and John Przedpelski
Carrie and Benjamin Pure
John Quinn
Justine Quow
Michael Rafizadeh
Rosemarie and Karthik Raghavendra
Paras and Patrick Raimugia
Sylvia and Joe Ramirez
Sandra Ramos-Alves and Dinis Alves
Jeremy Randolph
Natasha Betz and James Rankin
Virginia and William Rapp
Sravanthi and Sriram Ravulapati
Tiffany Redding
Daniel Reeve
Debbie and Mike Regan
Matthew Reheis
Michael Reheis
Christopher Reid
Sharon McCobin and Michael Reifel
Jennifer and John Reinhardt
Danielle Reisch and Andrew Haas
Timothy Releford
Karen Remington
Megan and Tom Rende
Melisa Restrepo
Alyssa Reyes
Kim and James Reynolds
Lisa Reznik and Danny Meyers
Nancy and John Rich
Lucille Richards
Eliza Richardson and John Cavey
John Jordan Richich
Jessica and Ed Riley
Roberto Risi
Rebeca Cuadros and Ernesto Rivadeneyra
Amy and William Robb
Menekse and Walter Robinson Jr.
Tammy Robinson
Jennifer Rockett
Susanne Rocklein
Patricia Rodriguez and Bernardo Mahe
Kathleen and Michael Rogers
Ilyse Rogozenski
Emily and Rahul Rohatgi
Jennifer and Robert Romano
Audrey Romero and Todd Warren
John Rooney
Daniel and Amy Roselle
Aaron Rosenberg
Adam Rosenfeld
Courtney Rosenkrantz
Eileen and Thomas Roth
Paul Rothkopf
Katherine and Jon Rottenberg
Jeanne and Matt Roughley
Fiona and Terrence Rouse
Anne and Robert Rowe
Zachary Rubino
Mark Rubins
Katia and Jose Ruiz
Walkiria Ruiz
Debbie Runfolo and Michael Luby
Janet and Thad Russell
Judy and George Russo
Jessica and Fran Ryan
Maria Luisa Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Monie and David Ryder
Barbara Rypien and Miroslaw Rypien
Faranak Sadeghi Naieni Fard
Laura Sahazizian
Alan Sakowsky
Marcela Salazar
Travis Samuels
Rosemary Sanchez
Denise Sandora
Ana Sandoval
Kelly Santore
Jayati Sarkar
William Sawyer
Sheila Sayah
Martha and Austin Sayre
Marilyn Scarpati
Frederique Schachter
Angela Scheck
Eli Scheinholtz
Sheila and Stephen Schlageter
Jessica Schmidt
Denice and Matthew Schmidt
Julianne Graziano and Louis Schornstein
Nancy and Bradley Schrader
Jayne Schraffa
Beverly and William Schraft
Paula and Christopher Schramm
Tammy Schulman
Sheila and Robert Schultz
Marylinda Schumann
Erika Schumann
Jill Schuster
Amy and John Scioscia
Jennifer Seale
Emily and Sean Seamone
Twila and Russell Sehnert
Alexander M Settles
Priscilla Sewell
Ken Shabinaw
Arline Shaffer
Anna Shapiro
Lauryn and Michael Shapiro
Madeleine Sharpe
Francesca and Daniel Shea
Patricia Sheaffer
Kelly Sheehan
Sofia Shields
Susan and James Shinners
Suzanne Shugg and Miguel Conde
Akansha Singh and Luis Romero
Jennifer and Stephen Shunk
Patricia and Jason Sicola
Tracey and Douglas Sieg
Dara Silverberg
Robert Simek
Nia Simmons
Helen Simon
Thomas Sims
Priya Sivasankaran
Sean Slattery
Alex Smith
Catharine Smith
Christopher Smith
Melissa Smith
Richard Smith
Roger G. Smith
Gbolabo Sokunbi
Sabina Soloway
Leigh Ann Soltysiak
Seymour Spiegel
Tina and Jeffrey Spotts
Teresa Sprowls
Margaret Spumberg
Sheila and David Srere
Joan F. St. John
William Stallsmith
Robert Starinsky
Richard Starling
Miriam Stella
Sterling Gift & Card Shop Inc.
Lelia Stevenson
Robert Strickler
Beth Strumpf
Anand Prabhu Subramanian
William Sumner
Xiaoyi and Yan Sun
Michael Sunyak
Stacey and Bryan Supran
Kathryn and Paul Surmay
Alexandra Suszko
Teri and Peter Suzuki
Ame and Hugh Sweeney
Karen Zucchino-Sweeney and Paul Sweeney
Todd Sylvestri
Nina Temple
Antonia Tenenbaum
Corazon and Vincent Terzo
Elizabeth Teska
Ellen and Philip Tham
Kathleen and Steve Theriot
Whitney Theriot
Laura and Harald Thieck
Lindsay Thomas
Sarah Thomson
Laural Thurston
John Tierney
Kathryn and Andrew Timpson
Samantha Tinkham
Nadine Tokash
Ted Tolles
Michael Torsiello
Trinh Tran
Lisa Traum
Suzanne Travers
Peter Trebour
Anne Marie and James Treger
Robert Treible
Donald Treich
Kim and Chris Trethewey
Mark Truglio
Sharon and Marc Trujillo
Joey Tsai
Ann Maria and John Tsanas
Maureen and William Tully
Beth Tunny
Eugene Leonard Turner
William Tyler
Michelle and William Uhler
William Umana
Eme and Sylvester Una-Efiong
United Way of New York City
Isha Bist and Sharad Uniyal
Patty and Robert Uzzolino
Roger Vales
Maryann and Chris Valley
Alexis and Tedd Van Buskirk
Alison and Michael Van Raaphorst
Angela and Donn Vanderploeg
Luz Elena Vargas
Melanie Vasquez and Scott Cagle
Michele and Robert Vaters
Nancy and Edward Veazey
Brooke Venneri
Eleni and Kevin Verardi
Katherine and Michael Verbaro
Thomas Verducci
Tayna Vernik
Elizabeth Vetter
MaryEllen Viola
Maryann and Tony Visocchi
Joanne Voci
Christine Voegeli
Karen and Per Von Zelowitz
Shalu Wadhwa
Denise Waeschle
Mary S. Waite
Rhonda Walker
Julia and Patrick Wall
Grace D. Wamsteker
Su Han Wang and Daniel Chen
Christopher Warme
Watchung Pediatrics
April Wazeka and Adam Siegel
Berenika and Keith Webster
Barbara Weeks
Yuan Yuan and Wei Wei
Sue Weinberg
Jessica and Brad Weinberger
Joanna and Gordon Weir
Diane Weiss
Ira Weiss
David Wellbrock
Natasha Gerstman and David Wellen
Catherine Wellington
Cynthia and Griffith Welton
Marta Wendroff
Julia Wesolowski
Andrew Westhuis
Samantha Wharton
Mary and Cory Wheeler
Margaret Whelan and Michael Strong
Benjamin White
Keri White
Gail Whitting
Gregory Wilkinson
Clare and Steven Williams
Deborah and Rich Williams
Sherri Williamson
Melissa Wilson
Naomi and Mike Wish
Melissa Wolffe
Elisabeth and Howard Wolfish
Suzette and Derrick Wolfkamp
Marsh and Wayne White
Laurie and Craig Wood
Olga Worobetz
Christy Worsoe and Robert Hayes
Harry Yerkes
Peter Yerkes
Suet Yeung and Wing Poon
Jenn Yu
Andrea and Basil Yurcisin
Jennifer and Anthony Zahtila
Rezi and Ron Zeelens
Kelleen and Michael Zegarski
Diane Zerweck
Xuemei Zhang
Wei Zhu
Jennifer Felder
Walter Zimmerman and John Sheridan
Allison and Marc Zimmermann
Zita Corp.

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