2014 Donors

In 2014, board members, community, staff, sponsors and foundations gave generously to the Summit Area YMCA, to ensure that we can continue changing lives by providing services and programs to all, regardless of one’s financial resources. We are honored to recognize and extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following individuals and organizations. Donor listings reflect contributions made from January 1- June 23, 2014. Our sincerest apologies for any errors or omissions.


Members pledge gifts of $5,000 or more, payable over 3 years
$25,000 - $49,000
Susan and Christopher Birosak
Cynthia and Robert Martin

$15,000 - $24,999
Francie and Yon Cho
Linda and Ashley Cooper
Colleen and Robert Jeffries
Carroll and Richard Vicens

$10,000 - $14,999
Joan and Michael Gambro
Patricia and Raymond O'Byrne
Lauren and Peter Pardo

$5,000 - $9,999
Emily Aprea and Marc D’Auria
Terri and Joseph Clinton
Lisa and Jeff Giroux
Suzanne and Thomas Hall
Kieltyka Family
Joyce Klimaski
Teresa Mendez
Ashley and Philip Moos
Nora and Mark Muller
Gail Nelson and David Bona
Polly Polumbo and Lex Maultsby
Janet and Thad Russell
Carole and R. Malcolm Schwartz


2014 Annual donations of $1,000 or more
$10,000 or more
Investors Savings Bank
Linda and Robert Flanagan
The Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Jeff Arricale
Celgene Corporation
Central Presbyterian Church
Franci and Yon Cho
Linda and Ashley Cooper
Edward Kingsley
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Overlook Hospital Community Health
Overlook Hospital Foundation
The  Junior League of Summit
The Charles E. and Joy C. Pettinos Foundation
Nora and Robert Radest
Mary and Woody Weldon

$2,500 - $4,999
Gary DeBode and Archie Gottesman
Enginuity, LLC
Lois Schneider Realtor
Elaine and David Phipps
Scott Sprinzen and Lucy Marks
Staples Foundation
Barbara Testa


$1,000 - $2,499
Berkeley Heights Physical Therapy
Linda Blaskey
Victoria Brooks and David Lawrence
William Brown
Betty and David Budd
Beverley Casarico
Celia Colbert and Frederick Watts
Anthony J. Combias
Erin DeCroix
DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehabilitation, LLC
Annette Davila
Stewart Douglas
Dun & Bradstreet
Endurance Human Resources
Tiffany and Stephen Escott
Sue Fieseler
Gallagher Bollinger
Andrew and Christine Gottesman
Jim Hillhouse
Ruby Hollingsworth
David and Lori Ingerman
Peter P. Kelly
Anthony Lembke
Beverly Luehs
Maryann and Carl Lyon
Richard Maybe
Helen and William Mazer Foundation
Anjali McCormick
Robert McMinn
David Metzler
Peter Micca
Philip Moos
Eileen Morris
Thomas Mulligan
Gail Nelson and David Bona
Patrick and Gia O'Keefe
Olympus Power, LLC
Open Systems Computing
Jagruti Oza
Wayne Paglieri
Theresa Polatchek
Joseph and Nishita Roesler
Phyllis Sank  and Lewis Sank, MD
Carole and Mal Schwartz
Barry Sher
Janet Smith
Spire Group PC
Spray-Tek INC
Goldman Sachs-Matching Gifts and United Way
Amy and David Spurr
Summit Health and Body Works
Summit Medical Group
Sysco Food Services of Metro New York
The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
Evan Thorne
Elizabeth and James Vance
William and Marjorie Waltzinger
Cheryl Worobetz


2014 Annual donations of $500 - $999
Allstate - Heights Insurance Agency
William Aprea
Ceci and Jorge Aristizabal
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bachelor
Margaret and Marshall Bartlett
Steven Barlow and Julie McMahon
Beacon Hill Tavern and Restaurant
Tracy and Matthew Beveridge
Megan Brown
Bob and Cassie Burke
Richard Callaghan
Chatham Disposal
John and Maria Chrin
Dana Cilento-Murphy
Patricia Connor
Jeanine Costa
Margaret and Chip Dillon
Adriana Dunn
Elements Massage
Steven Elia
European Wax Center
Patty Facchinei
Kate Gandhi
Marcella Genacarella
JAG Physical Therapy
Dianne Kammerer
David Kelso
Stephanie C. Kramer
Margaret Laub
Mary Ellen and David Lawrence
Mary Livingston and Raymond Butkos
Peter and Mary Loeser
Long Hill Woodwork
Beth MacKnight and Miggy Vasquez
Ellen Marsan
Cameron and Robin McClearn
Richard McDonald
William Meagher
John and Julie Meyerholz
Lisa Meyers
Dennis Miller
Lisa Monaghan
James Nicely
Nicole Nieves
Maria Nolting
Ann O'Rear
Lucria Ortiz and Ashburt Ebanks
Mary Parker
Precise Publications LLC
Precision Escalator Products, Inc.
Jessica Rehfuss
Nene Rehfuss
Hyona Revere and Jeff Sobel
Laura Riddell
Norman Sanyour
Emily Segal
Pierre Seguin
Jennifer L. Shah
Gosia Smerdel
Peter Smith
Alice Stein
Alison Tozer
Peter Twill
Juan Verastegui
Vitusa Products
Donald and Katherine Weida
Helen Workman
Heather Worthy
Amy Yin


2014 Annual donations of $250 - $499

John and Kristi Abbey
Luz Almanzar
John L. Ard, Jr.
Marleny Arroyave
Robert and Bridget Barber
Xiao Huang and Bogdan Barboiu
Traci Basaman
Kerry and Natalie Bergman
David and Linda Bittrich
Marianna Bolanos
Ann and Stanley Borowiec
Mary K. Bottorff
Robert Bourne and Carolann Clynes
Ann and Mats Brodow
Scott Brooks
Kristin Cacicedo
Jenny Campano
Denise Campbell
Maureen Capko
Debbie Carbone
Ken Carpenter
Jian Chen
James Clark
James Connelly
Nakita Cook-Young
Doug Cox
Jean Crichton and Robert J. Gunhouse
Anna Critelli
Stuart Cundiff Jr.
Melissa Curtis
D & B Auto Supply
DBA Badawang Art
Bhooshi De Silva
Nick Devlin
Jose Diaz
Stacy Donck
Lee Donnelly
Aubrey Reichard-Eline
Jodi English
Lois Farrell
LaToya Farrell
JoAnn Feeney
Peter and Kathleen Feeney
Victor Felipe
Angela Gamble
Lana Gantner
Ann Garrity
Lisa Garrity
Christine Genova
Carol Genova
John and Donna Goceljak
Jessica Goncalves
Jennifer Gottlieb
Ashley Gray
Cheryl Greene
Donald and Lisa Grennon
Jane Grewcock
Mark Grimmig
Susan Guber
Pam Halpin
LaRhonda Hamilton
Eric Hanson
Andrew Hausman
Adrian Hawkins
James Hayes
Joe Healy
Deborah and Richard Hennessy
Jill Hoefs
Nora Holley
Edward Iddisah
Marcus Jackson
Denise Jeffries
Caitlin and Patrick Jensen
Katie and Michael Jesionowski
W. Steven Jones
Robin Kanterman
Ritamarie Kaufman
Manisha Kayal
Henry and Susan Keller
Nigel Key
Morgan Klaif
Amy Knight
Ed and Irene Langley
Jessica Larcombe
Stephen Lawler
Michelle Lesperance
Lawrence Lockhart
Jennifer Lombardi
Raul Lora
Peter and Sheila Marchetta
Maria Marinaccio
Danilo Marquez
Debbie Mazzucco
John and Gery McKenna
Shawn McSweeney
Gracia Mena
Lucinda Mercer and Richard Cole
Leslie and William Milton
David Mozes
Nancy Nubel
David Ophel
Steven Pallonetti
Rosemaire Parkes
Peter and Caroline Pence
Irma Pinzon
Peter Podolski
Antonio Porter
Theresa Powell
Jackie Prescott
Prudential New Jersey Properties
Tiffany Redding
William Reilly
Micha Revere
Marybeth C. Robb
Katia Ruiz
Victor Salazar
Eva Salcedo-Lainez
Anne Sarasohn
Cynthia Sartorius
Steven Schlesinger
Elizabeth Shepherd
Christian Smith
Leigh Smith
State Farm - Glisel Jimenez Agency
Lori Stern
Summit Electrical Supply
Summit Frame & Art, Inc.
Isabel Sutton
Diane Swett
Michelle Tissot
Jennifer Tortorella
Eugene and Jean Tracey
Beth Tunny
Rick and Theresa Verdino
Julie Vlass
Seanna Walter
Tracy Wanamaker
Dolores and Mark Ward
Maureen Waterbury
Christina and Scott Welkis
Wells Fargo
Francine Wells
Adrienne Wendel
Janet and Stephen Whitman
Antoinette Williams
Arthur and Sandra Williams
Catherine and Thomas Williams
Dalila and Dan Wisniewski
Donglei Yan


2014 Annual donations of $100 - $249
Patricia Abut
Wayne Ackerman
Advanced Electric
James Ahlstrom
Frank Alansky
Stephania Altenor
Sarka Antonio
Arnold Aprahamian
Tatiana Arango
Brian Archibald
James and Anne Areheart
Elizabeth Armstrong
Mary Arnella-Venezia
Alex and Aiden Ashcraft
James Atkinson
Sangita Avasthi
Allison Ayers
Theresa Ayers
Anne and Paul Babineau
Debra and Gary Bachman
Marianne Bachynski
Barbara Bagger
Cynthia Baker
Monika Baldassarre
Anita Bamford
Jill Barbera
Angela Barbieri
Daniel Barletta
Marcus Barnes
Zack Barnor
Indrani Basak
Bauer Automotive Truck Service
Vicki Baum
Ethan Beard
Robert Bechberger
George and Marlene Beck
Claudia and George Bell
Nikki Bendl
Stephan Bennett
Joseph and Ann Berkery
Erika Blackley
Blow In Blow Out
Tom Boak
Alexandra Bonner
Carolyn Boris
Angela Bos
Maria Bournias
Richard and Katherine Bower
Lorraine and Paul Bowyer
Julianne Boyce
Perri D. Brendzel
James and Elizabeth Bride
Richard Brodow
Bobby Brown
Margaret and E.B. Brucker
Michael Bruner
Robert Buchanan
Michele Burghardt
Amy Burmeister
Frances Burns
Kristen Bush
Dorothy and Chad Butler
Patricia Butler
Andrew Butville
Bridgette Byrne
C C Basketball
Mary Beth and Robert Cahill
Lenore Cahn
Meghan and Robert Calichman
John Campbell
David Campos
Nancy Caputo
Patricia Caputo
Kelly and Sean Carlin
Kenneth and Regina Carlson
Julie Holland
Judith and David Carrington
Stephanie Carroll
Suzanne Carrubba
Jerry J. Casale
Mickey Cassu
MaryAnn Castlegrande
Janine Castro
Christine Cavallo
Frank Cavallo
Melanie Chan
Lucinda Chen
Anita Cheung
Michael Chin
Ching-Yen Chuang and Chang Gong
Robert Cianci
Nina Cichocki
Tracy Claus
Timothy Clewell
Madelynn Clifford
Thomas Coghan
Amy Colaluca
Jill and Peter Collins
Dean Colucci
Kenneth Cooley
Joni Cooper-Volski
Carl Corneilson
Amanda Corredor
Gabriel Corredor
John Coughlan
Sergio and Zaida Couto
Richard and Nancy Cox
Karen Criares
Jumana Culligan
Joan Culver
Mary Cummings
Caeli Cusumano
Stephen Cutler
Ana DaCosta
Jamie D'Amico
Susan Daniel
Aileen D'Atri
Kanya Dayananth
Jerome Deener
Crystal and Nate DeGoede
Peter Delisa
Karen DePhillips
Maria De Sousa
Susan and Mark Diana
Lawrence Dome
Susan Donlan
Julie Donohue
Kellie Doucette
Ann and Benn Doyle
Dreyer Farms
Julie Ducey
Kathleen Dunn
Betty Duttenhofer
Susan Ebel
Derek Edmond
Theodore Eldracher
Peter Engler
Vincent and Judiht Enright
Shannon Epstein
Elizabeth Fagan
Toni Fagan
David and Melia Fairnak
Nicole Fargione
John Feeley
Gregory Fernicola
Gail Ferrell
Charles Fethe
Josiane and Jacques Fischer
Benjamin Fitzgeorge
Eric Flaim
Michelle and Sean Flanagan
Mathew Flora
Becket and Ian Foster
Susan Francese
Felicia Freed
Genevieve Freeman
Lamont Freeman
Nicholas Frumkin
Andrew Fuhrmann
John Patrick Fuhrmann
The Fuhrmann Family
Caroline and Howard Furst
Catalina Fuscaldo
Carlene Fussell
Elizabeth Gaglione
Stacy Gannon
Thomas Gargan
Linda and Timothy Gavin
Keith George
Souad Ghosn-Saab
Nicola and Brian Gibson
The Gigliotti Family
Sandra Giraldo
Jimmy Golden
Jill Goldstein
Emilie Seguin
Deanna Gomez
Kate Gonzales
Walter Gorman, Sr.
Larrie Graham
Deborah Graisser
David Green
Shabazz Green
Susan Greene
Ray Greeve
Samantha Grindlinger
Kenneth Grispin
Catherine Grundman
Mark Guerrera
Laura and Bill Gump
Emily Guzman
Karen Haas
Michael Haas
Diana Hackett
Thomas and Suzanne Hall
Joseph Hall
Gisela and Donald Hamm
Maureen Hansch
Bradley Hanson
Toni Harrell
Gina Harriz
Maureen Harvey
Mary Ellen Hassett
Debbie and Michael Havas
John and Maureen Havas
Eileen and William Hedges
Jennifer Hedrick
Kimberly Hedrick
Alan Heffernan
RoseMarie and Patrick Henry
Dyhalma Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez
Melissa Hidalgo
Kevin Hill
Keith Ho
Judith Hofmeister
Junior Hoilett
Beverly Holland
Samantha July
Allison Hollins
Nicole Hooks
The Horan Family
Carlolyn and Charles Hough
Suzanne Howe
Kristine and Roger Hughes
Terri Hutchinson
Kelly Iacovelli
Jacqueline Ippolito
Jennifer and Jason Isralowitz
Carolyn James
Suzanne Jenks
John Jennings
Heather Johnston
Tiffany M. Jones
Jenna Julien
Ebonee July
Nicole Kagan
Savilla and Jonathan Kaltner
Elsie Kanu
Sharon and David Kapilow
Melissa Kardos
Terrie Kasemeyer
Kathryn Keenan
Michelle and James Keller
Meri Kelsay
Rosalind Kendellen
Kavita Kewalramani
Sherry Keyt
Mr. and Mrs. John Kidd
James Kilkenny
Michael Kilkenny
Anne Kilkenny
Jeannine and Scott King
Stacey Kinum
George Klacik
Maury Knight
Jennifer Kohan
Peter Koniaris
Elizabeth Kostolansky
The Koziatek Family
Erin Kraven
Alda Krinsman
Britt Kuehn
David Lai Len
Kathleen Lally
Ann Lancaster
Peter Langerman
Joyce Laudise
Jonathan and Marlene Lawrence
Nadya Lawrence
Robert Lecky Jr.
Fred Lecomte
Veronica Lee and Sang He
Cheryl Lee
Kate Lee
Ellen Lehrich
Meghan Leigh
Lori and Al Leiter
Lennox Family
Elizabeth Lenz
Vanessa Lew
Caroline Lindabury
Sylvia Lipton
Flavio Loaiza
Marilyn Lobo
Sharon Loeb
Jane Lombardi
Mary Ann Lombardo
Jean Looney
Aura Lora
Gaia and Geremy Lora
Maria and Mike Lorditch
William and Deborah Lovett
Sharon Lowy
Catherine Loy
Steven Luckner
Karen and Michael Lyman
Patrick Lynch
George Macchia
Anne MacCowatt
Tom MacDonald
Alison and Thomas MacMillan
Michael and Mary Maher
Jane Mahoney
Sheryl Manfreda
Nancy Manfredo
Manhattan Bagel
Mary Marsan
Ann Marie and Walter Marx
Linda Massengill
Manjiri Mathur
Nicholas Matthes
Jesula Mauraud
Victoria Mauri
Tim McAloon
Egeta McAnuff
Debra and Erin McCann
The McConnon Family
Daniel and Lori Mcconvey
Scott and Liz McCulloch
Lauryn McDonough
Joanne McGrath
Steve McLaughlin
Ryan McLoughlin
Lynn McMahon
Donal McNally
Robert McNutt
Don McQuilkin
Amy Medina
Glenn Meier
Nicolas Meltzer
Francisco Mena
Alfred Mendoza
Alison Merricks
Gale Metzger
Olivia Metzger
Denise Micca
Steve Miller
Bernadette Miragliotta
Alexa Miranda
Matthew Misiukiewicz
Sameer Mittal
Mary Miyashiro
Marion and Murray Mohl
Lesbia Morales
Vivian Moroli
Allan Morris
Bruce Morrison
Heidi and Paul Morton
Karen Mulvihill
Christine Murray
John Nappi
Thomas Nappi
Stephen Natale
Lisa Nathan
Sonya Naths
Peter Nerby
Amy Newcombe
Robert Klos
Dorothy Niemczyk
Nimensky, Gallinson & Buren, P.A., CPA's
Lynley Noviello
Lisa Nunez
Joann O'Connor
Stacy O'Connor
William O'Connor
Irene Ornovitz
Elise Ornstein
Francoise Owarish-Gross
Barbara and Francis Packer
Nicholas Pappas
Albert Parillo
Susan Paston
Maheshkumar Patel
Urvi Patel
Eleanor Peoples
Anne and Silvio Perrella
Marianna Davila
Judith Peskin
Rachele Petronella
Pfizer, Inc.
Isa Phadke
Lori Piazza
Kristen Pierotti
Cathy Pitingolo
Dr. Peter Pizzi and Mrs. Marguerite Pizzi
Mary Polizzi-Breen
Donald Polzo
James and Catherine Porter
Krista and Alex Posada
Christa Pratt
Martha Prezuhy
Ingrid Priego
Patricia Priest
Maria Prieto
Antonieta Pringle
Privado Hair Salon
Sharadha Ramani
James Rath
Dr. William J. Ratz
Lisa Recupero
Michael Reheis
Jesse Reyes
Jose Reyes
Lisa Reznik and Danny Meyers
Paul Rissman and Donna Conforti
John A. Robb
Susan Rocco
Susanne Rocklein
Elaine Rodrigues
Wendy Rodriguez
Joyce Rosenberg
Karen Rossi
Eileen and Thomas Roth
John Ruffle
Marissa and Kevin Ruggiero
Catherine Russo
George Russo
Fran Ryan
Marci and Justin Ryvicker
Nagib Saab
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sachs
Paula Saha
Salon 44 LTD
Tia Sargent
Marilyn Scarpati
Barry and Debby Scheinholtz
Amber Schmidt
Angela and William Schneller
Beverly and William Schraft
Laurie Schreibman
Erika Schumann
Marylinda Schumann
Deborah Schwartz
The Screnci Family
James Sentner
Tricia Serio and Jeffrey Laney
Lauryn Shapiro
Sheri Levine-Shea
David Sheble
Shelley Sherman
Holden Shikany
Sue Sienko
Tatyana Sierant
Patricia and Richard Simmermacher
Brittany Simon
Thomas Simpson
Eric Sivertsen
Mary Skipton
Sean Slattery
Cheryl Smith
Mary Kenny
Rachel Soloway
Hillary Solowy
Frank Souder
Gailmarie Sprague
Rich Stamberger
Alyssa Steele
Emily Stein
Matthew Stern
Mary Lou and Richard Stevens
Edwin C. Stewart
Kayla Stewart
Leslie Stone
James Suell and Mary Mooney
John and Cynthia Sullivan
Caroline Sullivan
Matthew and Cynthia Swajkowski
Swormstedt Family
Susan Sylvestri
Ross Sylvestri
Papa and Mimi Synold
Tab Control, INC
Janet Tarendash
The Stirling House
Stephen Thomas
Heather Thomas
John Timoney
Neale Trangucci
Jacqueline Trezza
Paula Trone
Claire Tucciarone
Karen Tuder
Leigh Ann Tulleson
Maureen Tully
George Twill
Nancy Tyson
Lee Udelsman
William Uhler
United Way of  Greater Union County
Alexis Van Buskirk
Jennifer Van Vort
Katherine Verbaro
Julia Vianello
Joanne Vigorita
Gina Vijiasingam
Village Trattoria of Summit
Patricia Votey
Rich Vreeland
Vishva Vyas
Norman and Mary Wagner
Peter Waldron
Rhonda Walker
Fred Wallach
Jeanette Walton
Xi Yang and Ian Warme
Lisa Washburn
April Wazeka
Isabella and Jeffrey Weidenborner
Sue Weinberg
Carrie Weintraub
Dianne Wells
Benjamin White
Joan White
Lori and William White
Mark White
Kara Whitely
Amy Willets and Nicholas Barbato
Mark Williams
Naomi Wish
Alexandra Wolf
Bernard Yaged
Bobbi Young
Jennifer and Anthony Zahtila
Allison Zeimann
Jeffrey Zerweck
Anne Zweig



2014 Annual donations of $99 - $1
Vibeke Aagesen
Syed Hussain Abbas
Nicole Abbott
Elaine Ablett
Aaron Abramovitz
Britney Abrew
Ken and Lois Ackerman
Joanne Adams
Melissa Addonizio
David Adelman
Michael Adelman
Fotini Agriantonis
Nazish Ahmed
Mary Aimette
Alario International
Jacqueline Albarez
Christopher Alberta
Austin Alfano
Patrick Allen
Jamie Allen
Ana Almeida
Brianne Almeida
Elizabeth and Peter Alpern
Janet Altman
Joseph Altongy
Jeorge Alvarado
Traci Alves
Kean L. Amaral
Elizabeth Anderson
William Anderson
Lynn Angelo
Carol Angle
Alexa Angster
Yves Anidjar
Bradley Antao
Christine Appel
Kirsten Arcella
James Archer
Orin Archer
Jacinta Lawler
Jack Armstrong
Nicholas Armstrong
Richard Arnold
Elaine and Marc Atkinson
Justin Ayers
Jolonda Ayers-Cruz
John Babineau
Muriel S. Badgley
Vince Badolato
Sima Bagheri
Stephen Baker
Harish Balan
Kelsey Baldwin
Soo Bang and Dan Barth
Jashar Banks
Katharyn Banks
Ligia Baptista
Joanne Barbara
Gwen Barker
Peter Barnet
Diane Barnett
Rob Barnett
Zachary Barnett
Kiva Barr
Lisa Barsh
Laurence Barsh
Tina Barter
Barth's Market
Karen E. Barton
Charlotte Bashforth
Evgeny Bauman
Yola Beaubrun
Charles Beaudoin
Lori Bebout
Tracy Bechtel
Becker's School Supplies
William Beckett
Anita Beechner
Lonny Behar
Rachel Behm
Megan Beier
Constance Bell
Kathy Bell
Kisha S. Belton
Diane Beltran
John David Bennett
Celeste Bennett
Joan and William Bennett
Lisa Berkery
Jennifer Berkery
Conrado Bermudez
Mariska Bermudez
Roger Bernier
Ted and Meg Beveridge
Denise Beyer
Vishal Bhalla
Jhilmil Bhawnani
Fred Bicknese
Karen and Mark Bigos
Thomas Billings
Sandra and Jon Bird
Emily Birkitt
Michel Bitritto
Mary Tanaskovic Bitting
Laura Black
Donald E Blaesser
Elizabeth Blamble-Marvin
Marjorie Blanchard
Diane Blancuzzi
Kerry Blasch
Arline and Samuel Bleecker
Onessa Blenman
Coleman Bligh
Linda Block
Brian Blondet
Christine Bodnar
Trevor Bond
Michael Bonnet
Candice Booker
Clifford Booth
Jimmy Bormann
Petra Bormar
Elaine Borowski
Joanna Borowski
Sabrina Borra
Richard Bosland
Carolyn Botros
Diane Botticelli
Linda Bowden
Benjamin Bowen
D. Craig Bowman
Stephen Bowman
Peter Boyer
Paul Boyer
James Boyle
David Bracho
Tracey Bradford
Suzanne Bradley
Jennifer Brady
Brian Bragg
David Brandley
Kelly Branin
Jill Bray
Michael Brendzel
Marguerite Brennan
William Brennan
Adi Brenner
Jean-Philippe Briant
Richard Briechle
Paula Britton
Monica Brock
Laura Brody
Leah Bromley
Gina Brooks
Naomi Arad Broome
Fredrick Broomfield
Laura Brosen
Laura Brown
Jane Brown
Jennifer Brown
Susan Browne
Stefania Brownlee
Marc Bruckstein
Joanne Bruno
Bonnie Brunskill
Anthony Buccelli
Sherri Buchanan
Michael Buchholz
Reilly Buchholz
Susan Buchner
Alexandra Buckley
David Bugel
Kristina Bunch
Teresa Bunkers
Ed Buob
Michelle Burkert
Katie Burrows
Gilbert Burton
Christopher Burtt
Jessica Buscaino
Katherine Bush
Victoria Buxbaum
C.R. Bard Foundation
Raul Cabato
Alexandra Cacioppo
Christine Cadmus
Susan Cagnassola
Dana Cahill
Brett Calta
Joseph Camerone
Rose Marie Campano
Lisa Campbell
Susan Cannilla
Karen Caplan
Jennifer Carbone
Landis Carey
Erik Carlson
Paul Carniol
Brian Carpenter
Charles Carr
Cheryl Carr
Amy Carrdus
Jessica Carroll
Kara Corridan
Alysa Carver
Lou Casagrande
Ivo Casas
William Cassano
Thomas Cassin
John Castaldo
Timothy Castano
Olivia Castillo
Maggie Castro
Kimberly Castro
Sandra V. Castro
Holly Catarino
Joseph Caulfield
Jodi Cear
Hayden R. Cear
Gabriella Cerrone
Lourdes Cespedes
Elizabeth E. Chanowich
Suzanne Charatan
Charlene Charbonneau
Rosalaine Charles
Ramon Ortega Chaw
Conley Chee
Zhengfang Chen
Melissa Chen
Victor Chen
Sheila J. Cheney
Maya Chhowalla
Nicolette Chin
Luis Chipana
Francis Chirichella
Luise Chonczynski
Betsy Chorpenning
Aja Christian
Jamie Chrzan
John Cipoletti
David Cirelli
John Cirelli
Michele Citarelli
Savina Clapcich
Laurie Clark
Merrill Clark
Silas S. Clark
Theresa Clark
Jeanne Clark
Carla Clausen
Maria Clemens
Randy Clevenger
Walter Cmielewski
Kevin Coakley
Virginia Coccia
Elizabeth and Frank Codey
Susan Coffey
Steven Cohen and Jeri Glatter
Lisa Cohn
Janet Coldon
Louise Collins
Caroline Collins
Stefanie Colton
Angela Comiteau
Miguel Conde
Laura Confalonieri
Lisa Conigliaro
Christopher Connelly
Grafton Connor
Beth Conti
Richard Contratti
Jill Cook
Eleanor Cooper
Cordaro and Castronuovo Family
Hal Corley
Robin Corneilson
Joseph Cornell
Jose Correa
Rocio Corvalan
Kate Coscarelli
Christopher Cotter
Robert Coughlin
Cristina and Peter Courtney
Theresa Cowing
Carly Cranmer
Stephanie Crater
Peter Crichton
Afred Critelli
Trisha Critelli
Kim Crites-Carloto and Joseph Carloto
Chris Croff
Trevor Cromwell
Agnes Cronin
Gail and Phillip Cronin
Kathleen Cronin
Jeffrey Cronin
Matthew Cronin
Tara Cronin
Sandra Cruz
Tom Cummins
Lisa Curran
Kate Curran
Rachel Cushing
Thomas Cusimano
Vanessa Cutler
John Cuzzocrea
Christine Cwynar
Thomas Dackow
Lisa Dadourian
Seiichi Daimo
Denise D'Alberti
Valerie Dalton
Luanne D'Amato
Maria Dantas
Marrin Darcy
Kathryn Curram
Kaushik Datta
Lauri David
Phyllis David
Ricardo Davila
Barry Davis
Elise P. Davis
John Davis
Karen Davis
Pamela Davis
Kathryn and Robert Davis
Bobbi Davitt
Andrew Davlousros
Barry Davret
Jeff Dawson
Altaf Dayani
Sharon De Gier
Karen De Jongh
Dean's Greens
Amy DeBello
Sophie DeBode
Kate DeBolt
Chad DeBolt
Lindsey D'Ecclessis
Christina Decker
Kelly Deere
Mary Jo and Matt DeFonzo
Denice and Joseph DeGregorio
Miranda L. Dehek
Donna Delargy
Constance Delio
Joanne DeLorenzo
Julie DeMarco
Tracy DeMeola
Karen M. Dempsey
Athena Denivo
Daniela DeSa
Christina DeSarno
Glory DeSimone and John Hoffman
Jane DeTizio
Brian Deutsch
David and Nicole Devonshire
Robert Diab
Lorraine Dias-Sotiriou
Claudia Diaz
Christina DeLouisa
Christina DiCosmo
Cathy DiDonato
Alison Diecke
Amy Diedrichs
Rachel Diekman
Casey Diekman
Kelly C. Dietzel
Vincent Diez
Susanne Digel
Michael DiGeronimo
Maria Dillon
Elizabeth DiMaria
Francesco DiPaolo
Jacquelyn Dix
Dwight Dixon
Lisa Dodd
Rich Dodd
Cassie Doherty
Michael Dolan
Dominos Pizza
Liam Donahue
Thomas Donahue
Jack Donahue
Meghan Donaldson
Deirdre Donnantuono
Patrick Donnellan
James Donnelly
John A Donnelly
Maribeth Donohue
Lucille Dooley
Quinn Dooley
Benjamin Doran
Philip Dorch
Ian Dorin
Carla Dorsi
Patricia Dorsi
Daniel Doster
Jennifer Dottle
Lora Dougherty
Kathleen Douglas
Linda Douma
Doug Birbrower
Andrew Dowell
Bert Downs
Caroline Doyle
Joan Doyle
Jack Dreisbach
Diane Dresdale
Lisa Dworkin
Sean Dyer
Karen Dykes
Douglas Eakeley
Jennifer Easton
Kiyoshi Egawa
Paula Ehrenberg and Daniel P. Horner
Reggie Elikens
Kate Elliott
Ian Ellmer
Michael Elsman
Leigh Schaedel
Pak Eng
Dina Engler
Kelhi Englerth
Juergen Englerth
Suzanne English
Alan Engmann
Todd Engmann
Barbara Engo
James Engo
Mark Enman
Monica Episcopo
Era Anne Izano
Brian Erb
Karin Erber
Jacqueline Erickson
Stephen Escott
Marilyn Esnes
Meghan Terry
John Esposito
Hope Estep
Diana Ettinger
Gail and James Eustice
Peter Evangelist
Traci Faas
Michael Facchinei
Katie Faggiano
David Faitoute
Alex Falcone
Carole Falk
Chris Falk
Brydget Falk-Drigan
David H. Fanfan
Gloria Faulkner
Nathan T. Faust
Diane Feinberg
Joyce Feinstein
Ellen Ferguson
Eric Ferguson
Paula Ferrato
Mark Fessler
Sana Feteiha
Alicia Fettes
Catherine Feuerstein
Eduardo Fiallo
Gina Figueiredo
Thomas T. Finan
Herbert Findeisen
James Findeisen
Robert Finni-Tedesco
Nicholas Fiorello
Julie Fischer
Lois Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Mia Fishkin
Melissa FitzGibbon
Janet Flinn
Erin Fogarty
Elaine Ford
William Ford
Alexandra Forman-Chou
Charles Forsyth
Estelle Fournier
Robert Fowler
Daniel Z Fowler
Joseph Frank
Christina Franzreb
Cory Frear
Victoria Freeman
Jules Freeman
Lauren Freeman
Barbara French
Marconanthony Freyre
Jodi Friedman
Michael Friedman
Renee Friscia
Lisa Fuhrmann
Sheila Fuhrmann
Kevin Fuller
Lee Fuller
Matthew Fulton
Alexander Gaedke
Megan Gaeta
Gene Gaeta
Christine Galiardo
Krista Gall
Peter Gallagher
Thomas Gallo
Mariano Gambuzza
Sonja Gamgort
Shilpee Gangwal
Matthew Garawitz
Ana Maria Garcia
Michael and Kimberly Garcia
Luciano Garcia
Valerie Garcia
Sunil Garg
Hyla Garlen
Megan Garrett
Tina Garrett
Jim Garuguit
Danielle Gasalberti
Robert Gasalberti
Ellen Gaske
Patricia Gasparini
Andy Gay
Julia Gay
ShenZhang Ge
Sherry Geddis
Narain Gehani
Laura Geist
Charles Gelber
Theresia Gellner
Gelormini's Auto Repairs
Snezhana Georgieva
Laurie Gerard
Betty Gerow
Kathryn Getzendanner
Jennifer Ghannam
Mark Giannone
Christina Gibson
Christopher Gibson
Kyle Giffen
Eileen Giger
Laurine Gilbert
Catherine Gingeleskie
David Gingeleskie
Elaine Giordano
Patricia and Peter Glen
Virginia Glick
Genine Goddard
Lisa Goldberg
Kathryn Goldberg
Beth Goldstein
Beth Goldstein
Solanyi Gomez
John Goncalves
Lauren Gonnella
Danielle Gonzales
Milton Gonzales
Evelyn P. Gonzalez
Goodman's Deli
Risa Gorelick
Sallie and David Gotoff
Amanda Grainger
Matthew Grainger
Eileen and Kevin Granelli
Richard Granger
Gregory Gratson
Fran Gray
Vito Graziano
Susan Green
William Green
Amanda Greenblatt
James Greenman
Margaret Grego
Risa Greiss
Latoya Griffith
Raffi Grigorian
Lindy Grimes
Donna Groskoph
Nicole C. Gross
Kenneth Gross
Paul Gross
Jacqueline Grossgold
Rosa Grossman
Marcia Grosswald
Marianne Grywalski
Christine Grywalski
Noah Guber
David Gubitosi
Patricia Guerin
Phyllis Guerin
Kristine Gunningham
Donna Gunther
Michael Gunther
Lopa Gupta
Charles Gusmer
Michael and Nancy Guzman-Flanagan
Carole Hackenberg
Hadar Hadef
Jennifer Hadlow
Irene C. Hagen
Emily Hahlbeck
Kimberly Hahn
Jordan Hall
Sonia Hallam
Debra Halverstadt
Barbara Halvorsen
Anne Hamann
Brooke Hamel
Judith Hamilton
Connie and Matthew Han
Barry Handwerger
Kaitlyn Hanko
Christine Hanson
Hannah Beach Harbaugh
Anthony Harrell
Agnes Harris
Meme Harris
Hartke Family
Mary Hartnett
Alexandra Harvey
Arlene Harvey
Eleanor Haugh
Helene Hauptman
Laura Haury
Catherine Hawrusik
Sonali Hazarika
Jim Hedden
Albert Hedges
Kathleen Hegewald
Carol Heineman
Karen and Frank Hendrie
Scott Hendrix
John Hendy
Deborah Gullini
Gary Herbst
Colleen Heredia
Kristin Herendeen
Brooke Hern
David Herring
David Herring and Tina Lam-Herring
Robert Herron
Glenn R. Hickman
Daniel Hicks
Genoveva Hidalgo
Lorena Hidalgo
Marda Higdon-Jones
Ken and Theresa Higgins
Mary Higgins
Scott Higgins
Dana Hildner
Nancy Hildner
Petar Hinic
Mary Hintze
Rachael Hintze
Lily Ho
Jessica Hobson Perkins and Stafford Perkins
Darlene Hodges
Jeff Hodges
Nina Hodges
Andrew Hodges
Michael Hoefs
Tara Hoff
Elaine Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman
Phyllis Hoiles
Clarissa Holland
Ashley Holmes
Larry Holmes
Betty Hom
Rachel and Jeff Honigstock
Mark Hopkins
Kathleen Horan
Abby and Avi Horev
Leroy Horn
Mary Housel
Elaine Houston
Stacy Howell
Sarah Hoyler
Alexander Hrotko
Denise Hrynkiewicz
Maxim Huang
Jude Huang
Angela Huber
Herve Hubert
Tammy Huckfeldt
Heather and Greg Huether
Jonathan Huether
John Henry Hug
Callie Humphrey
Benny Hurtado
William Hutchinson
Malcolm Hutchison
Jennifer Hutzel
Sharon Iacoangelo
Elsbeth Iannone
Jhovanna Ibanez
Slavica Iglicar and Pritam Dodeja
Leslie Ioffrede
Michael Ioffredo
E. Adele Irving
Geronimo Isidro
Marie Islam
Elizabeth Jackosky
Dorian Jackson
Terrell Jackson
Thomas Jackson
Terry and Raymond Jacobs
Jeff Jacome
Isabel Jacovini
Spencer Jacovini
Jan Jacovini
Lorraine Jamieson
Maggie Jara
Andrea Jennings
Mackenzie Jennings
Deirdre Jensen
LouAnne and Gary Jensen
Xiaohui Jin
Sharon Johnson-Hakim
Chase Johnston
Peter Johnston
Jenni Johnstun
Michael Joliat
Natasha Joly
Christopher Joralemon
Megan Josephson
Megan Joyce
Courtney Judd
Judy Kahl
Karen Kalaris
Rama Kalia
Katherine and Steven Kalin
Cheryl Kallio
Leslie Kaltenbach
Kampel Family
Annie Kang
Danielle Kang
Charlotte Kang
Leslie Kantor and Joseph Koridek
Heather Kantorek
Sandra and John Kantorek
Arlene Kaplan
Eric S. Kaplan
Vivek Kapoor
Barbara Kasemeyer
David Kasemeyer
Ronald and Helen Kasemeyer
Mary Ann and Brian Kaufman
Nayma Kaul
Kelly Kavanagh
John Kazlauskas
Lori Keating
Denise and Gregory Kelly
John Kelly
Rachel A. Kempster and Matthew Barry
Jeanne Kennedy
Laurie Kennedy
Sharon Kern
Paul Kieltyka
Ellen Kiernan
Andrea Kilby
Ly Kim
Sonia Kim
Catherine Kinney
Madelyn Kinney
Stephen Kirsch
Suzanne Klein
Ethan Kleinberg
Andrew Knapp
Alison Knapp
Christopher Knorr, Jr.
Elaine Kober
Yvonne Koelliker
Ariusz Kornacki
Tyler and Mary Kosar
Alexandria Kostolansky
Tim Kostolansky
Robert Kovacs
Philip Kowalczyk
Kerry and Stephen Kowitt
E. Koziatek
Joseph M Koziol
John Kozlowski
Anne Krasny
Brendan Kredell
Colleen Kredell
Mary and Jim Kredell
Linda Kress
Mary T Krunnfusz
Jeffrey Krupp
Alicia Kubeck
Barbara Kubert
Robert Kuczik
The Kulesz Family
Brian Kulpan
Sonia Kumar
Kristen Kurtz
Javier La Fuente
Dawn LaCosta
Douglas Ladzinski
Anne Marie Cocchia
Michelle Lafiosca
J. Gregory Lahr Sr
Kym Lahr
Chungwai Lai
Eric Lambert
Christena Lambrianakos
Concetta F. Lamore
Clark Landale
Heather Landsittel
Bridget Lang
Susan Lanz
Ana Maria Lara
Peter and Kelly Larsen
Cathy Larson
Megeen Laska
Kerri L. Laudati
Lydia Lawless
Phooi Yoon Lay
Eva Lazaro
Adriel Lazaro
Learning Express
Betty Lee
Lisa Lee
Nai and Cheun Lee
Sang Ho Lee
Jennison Lee
Melanie Lee
Robert E. Leeks
Gina Lefferts
Karen Lemme
John Lepore
Cynthia and Giovanni Lepore
Keith Lerch
Colleen Lerner
Catherine Levine
Judy Levine
Thomas Lewis
Barbara Lewis
Steven Lewis
Hui Li
Jing Li
Sharon Licari
Jessica Lichtenberger
Marybeth Lijo
Chih-Hsiu Lin
Matthew Lipp
Joseph Bill Little
Yue Gao and Mingjie Liu
Hao and Yizhi Liu
John Livingstone
Margaret Lloyd
Joseph Loeffler
Sandra Long
Jennifer Lorencovitz
Kevin Lorenz
Adrienne H. Lowenstein
Bruce Lowry
Emily Hong
Michael Luber
Tanya Lugo
Stela Lupushor
Rick Lynch
Alison Poe and Tim Lyons
Monica Macauley
Joanne MacGillivray
Chuck Machlin
Miles MacMahon
Gregory Madden
Sundaresh Mahendra
Christina Mahoney
Lauren Majors
The Mak Family
Megha Malali
Kathleen Malhosky
Doris Mallette
Spenser Malley
Genevieve Mallgrave
Andrew J. Mallia
Christine Maloney
Grace Mammen
Maritess Manaluz
Pradeep Mandalik
Eleni Mandarakas
Jacqui Mandelbaum
Steven Manfreda
William Manganelli
Peter Mangin
Joseph Manieri
Kelly Manieri
Erica Manocchio
Tom Mansley
Donna Lee Mantel
Rebecca Marchinda
Debra and William Marcus
Christopher Marinko
Stephen Marinko
Daniel Marinko
Diane Marino
Alvin Martin
Edward Martin
Michelle Martin
Wayne Martin
Crystal Martucci
Adam Marturana
David Marturana
Justin Martys
Philip Marzo
Kathleen Marzynski
Mary Ann Mason
Barbara Mass
Mary Mastria
Maria Masucci
William B. Mathis
Katie Matias
John Matis
Amanda Matrone
Donna and Michael Matrone
Kimberly Matta
Diana Mattina
Margaret Maurer
Kelly Mauri
Arianna Mauri
Eugene Maxwell
Robert Mayer
Debbie Mayo
Carlie Mazzucco
Debbie McBride
Francesca McBride
Cynthia McCabe
Eugene McCabe
Kathleen McCabe
Coleen and David McCaffery
Jessica McClain
Peter McCoy
Megan McDaniel
Tim McDonagh
Patricia McDonald
Dorene McFarland
Douglas McFarland
Corinne McGill
Meg McGill
Thomas McGill
Stephanie McGlynn
Mike McGough
Amelia McGovern
Rosanne McGraw
Daniel J McHugh
Robert McIntosh
Richard McKern
Liam McLaughlin
William McLaughlin
Janice McLean
Conor McNally
Helene McNanna
Margaret McQuilkin
Lisa Monaghan
Stephen Mea
Christine Meany
Meta Meckstroth
Christopher Megnin
Vibha Mehta
Jennifer Meister
Anthony Melchiorre
Joseph Mele
Katie Melega
Jeanie and Peter Melican
Diane A. Melinis
Nicole Melnick
Lisa Menaca
Faith Menard
Mark Mendlen
Prasad Menon
Elizabeth Mercogliano
Aimee Messer
Metro Swim Shop
Midge Meyerowitz
David Meyers
Ralph Miano
Stephen Micciche
Carol Michaels
John Migliori
Martin Miles
Amanda Miller
Carmela Miller
Ian Michael Miller
James Miller
John P. Miller
Lee Ann Miller
Lisa Miller
Sarah Miller
William Miller
Rosalind Mims
Robert Minero
Marni Mire
Nathan Mirsku
Danielle Mirsky
Patricia Misinsky
Hamish C. Mitchell
Seema Mittal
David W. Mo
Jamilla Mobley
Gail and Charles Moizeau
Alan Mon
Steven Monaco
Elizabeth Mondelli
June W. Montuori
Michelle Moon
Ebony Moore
Andrea and Ray Moore
Hugo Morales
Joel Morales
Adrian Morffi
George Morgan
Allison C. Morreale
Carmine Morreale
Kendra Morris
Linda Morrison
Gary Morsches
Stephen Mortenson
Mary Moser
Nicholas Mosso
Tonny Moy
Cindy Moy
Artur Muchnik
Tony Muller
Ellie Munzer
Barbara Murphy
Trish Murphy
Glenn Murphy
Allison Murphy
Julia Murphy
Rebecca Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Paul Murray
Rebecca E. Muston
Meg Myers
Judith Naab
Rebecca Nadler
Komal Naik
Gia Naik
Jayl Naik
Anika Naik
Brencis Navia
Joseph Navickas
Lea Nead
Jennifer Neal
Gail Nelson
Lisa Nemiroff
Stephanie Nesser
The Netkin Family
Elizabeth Newell
Cara Newman
Christina Neyra
Kevin Ng
Nelson Nichols
Jennifer Niederhoffer
Dawn Niedzielski
Tad Niedzielski
Dorothy Niemczyk
Bruce Nigro
Katie Nitzberg
Juree Noel
Maude Norman
Shannon Novak
Marcie Novick
Melanie Nunn
Robert Nunn
Joseph Oakes
Leslie Oberhuber
Bernard O'Connor
Brian O'connor
Michele O'Dowd
Dawn Bonthron
Thomas O'Hara
Kris Ohleth
Patricia Ohleth
Beth Ohlson
Reiko Ohye
Marion Olcott
Ellen and John Oldakowski
Jim Olizarowicz
Felix A. Olmo
Staci Olszowy
Kate Ondrejko
Patricia and James O'Neill
Matthew Oplinger
Anna O'Rear
Meredeth O'Rourke
Michelle and Edward O'Rourke
The Owens Family
Jim Owens
Christina Owens
Kevin Owens
Victoria Pacheco
Marissa and Philip Pagdanganan
Susan Palatini
Katie Paliwoda
Alaka Palsole- Srivastav
Paulina Palys
Fan Pan
Yu Pan
Caroline Panico
Carol Pankuck
Elizabath Papazian
Abbie Pappas
Carin Parella
Kristine Parente
Helen Park
Maureen Parker
Patricia Parmett
Alison Pasciucco
Sophia Pasquariello
Debra Pasquariello
Akanksha Patel
Clayton Paterson
John Patterson
Isabella Pavan
Neisha Payne
Eleanor Pearson
Elizabeth Peck
Maria Pecoraro
Alexander Pelinsky
Jodie Pelinsky
Kerry Penque
The Perdue Family
Andrea Perez
Paul Pertusi
Steven Peterson
Anna Peterson
Georgios Petrides
Mary Petruzziello
Rita Peyton
Gerry Peyton
Susan and Justin Pfeifer
Donna Pflug
Siddharth Phatak
Peter Phelan
Patrick and Donna Phillips
Oshaira Pichardo
Catherine Piech
Jaclyn Pien
John Pignata
Terence Pilgrin
Andrea Pinero
Patricia Piotrowski
Linda Piriyapoksombut
Robert Pisani
Nathalie Pisco
Jeanine Pitchell
Joseph Pitingolo
Christa Plantener
Eileen Podlas
Veronica Pogorzelski
Karen Polizzi
Sarah Pollack
Maryclare Poole
Wing Poon
Robert and Theresa Popola
Elena Popova
Maria Posada
Margaret Prentice
Claudel Pressa
Sharon Preston
Sonya Pretzel
Barbara and Christopher Price
Lori Princiotto
Daniel John Priore
Bella Pritsker
Sharon Pryor
John Przedpelski
Benjamin Pure
Joy Qiao
Paul Quense
Christy Quickstad
Tim and Jill Quigley
Aidan Quigley
Christine Quinn
John Quinn
Michael Quinn
Suzanne Quinn
Melynda Quintong
Justine Quow
Beverly Raab
Jane Raabis
The Radics Family
Michael Rafizadeh
Rosemarie Raghavendra
Daniel Raimondi
Rachel Raimondi
John Rajes
John Ramee
Joe Ramirez
Jeremy Randolph
James Rankin
Sheila Rao
Roseann and William Ratz
Sriram Ravulapati
Jacqueline Raykov
Raymond Redcliffe
Elinor Redington
Debbie Regan
Matthew Reheis
Christopher Reid
Sylvia Reid
John Reinhardt
Danielle Reisch
Timothy Releford
Karen Remington
Dawn Rempell
Melisa Restrepo
Alyssa Reyes
Kim and James Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds
Gina Rich
Tyler Rich
Eliza Richardson
Christina Ricicki
Evan Riddell
Melanie Riehl
Daniel Riehl
Sarah Riehl
Ed Riley
Brian Riley
Kimberly Rinaldi
Luke Rios
Roberto Risi
Ernesto Rivadeneyra
Carlos Rivas
Lauren Rizzo
Priscilla Rizzo
Amy Robb
Thomas Robertson
Alicia Robinson
Rock Brook School
Rodrick Family
Nicole Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez
Cristina Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Michael Rogers
Ilyse Rogozenski
Emily Rohatgi
Jennifer Romano
Luis Romero
Gina Roof
Daniel and Amy Roselle
Aaron Rosenberg
Adam and Holly Rosenfeld
Murray Ross
Pinny Ross
Toby Rossmann
Paul Rothkopf
Matt Roughley
Terrence Rouse
Robert Rowe
Stephanie Rozza
Nathan Rtishchev
Susan Rubino
Mark Rubins
Debbie Runfolo
The Rupp Family
Marie and Vincent Russo
Lauren Ryan
Maria Luisa Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Rebecca Ryan
Sean Ryan
Monie Ryder
Kamil Rypien
Suzanne Sabatino
Chistian Sabatino
Erica Sack
Sreeradha Saha Choudhury
Allison Saia
Alan Sakowsky
Brianna Salort
Pamela Salvato
Dana and Javier Sanchez
Kisha Sanders
Denise Sandora
Margaret Santana
Tatyana Sierant
Kathy Sartorius
Brix Sateja
Nancy Saunders
William Sawyer
Sheila Sayah
Theresa and Peter Sayia
Austin Sayre
Christopher Scarpati
Brooke Scarpati
Robert Schaffer
Angela Scheck
Debby and Barry Scheinholtz
Dana Schinestuhl
Gina Schinestuhl
Stephen Schlageter
Cynthia and Stephen Schluter
Jessica Schmidt
Denice Schmidt
Louis Schornstein
Nancy Schrader
Christopher Schraft
Gregory Schraft
Paula Schramm
Meghan Schreck
Robbie Schuler
Robert Schultz
Kaitlyn Schulz
Jill Schuster
Marcela Schwarz
Neal J Schweitzer
Hanna Scognamiglio
Alexander Screnci
Veronica Seaforth
Ryan Sebastian
Kelly Seccamanie
Russell Sehnert
Mike Semcheski
Michelle Sergio
Tyrone Sergio
Charles Serio
Remy Servant
Richard Settar
Alexander M. Settles
Priscilla Sewell
Ken Shabinaw
Neil Shane
Madeleine Sharpe
Brian Shea
Smita Shere
Mary Sheridan
Alex Shinkarovsky
Payal Shirvaikar
Patricia Sicola
Susan Sidebottom
Shannon Sieczka
Tracey Sieg
Kai Silva
Maureen Silva
Monika Simmeth
Michael Simon
Elizabeth Simon
John Simpson
Thomas Sims
Maureen Singh
Raj Singh
Anmal Sinho
Gail Sinnott
Danae Sissman
Priya Sivasankaran
Marty Slutzky
Randi-Lynn Smallheer
Alex Smith
Catharine Smith
Christopher Smith
Emily Smith
The Smith Family
Kelly Smith
Marin Smith
Allison Smith
Melissa Smith
Richard Smith
Sheri Smith
Alissa Sojka
Gbolabo Sokunbi
Randall Solis
Carrie Solomon
Sabina Soloway
Leigh Ann Soltysiak
Katie Soriano
Sarah Beth Sortino
Mary Speckhart
Seymour Spiegel
Nina Spiller
Mark Spinella
Charles Spinner
Julie Spoerl
Jeffrey Spotts
Kendra Squindo
Ian St. Clair
William Stallsmith
Robert Stankosh
Robert Starinsky
Marion Start
Mary and Alexis Starun Jr
Laura Leigh Statue
Laura Lynch
Matthew Steele
Elizabeth Steller
Renee Stene
Irwin Sternberg
Lelia Stevenson
Melvaleen Steward
Eve Stewart
Iris Stewartson
Keith and Elizabeth Stinchcomb
Elizabeth Stine
Lisa Stingo-Hatch
Russell and Vernette Stivers
Carole and Timothy Stone
Donald Storch
Maureen Stoto
Matthew Stracquadanio
Andrew and Stella Strain
Robert Strickler
Greg and Maryanna Strid
Noelle Strid
Michael Strong
William Sumner
Amruta Supanekar-Khalap
Stacey Supran
Silvia Surguy
Katelyn Surina
Kathryn Surmay
Joyce Sutera
Jennifer Sutton
Teri Suzuki
Hugh Sweeney
Paul Sweeney
Pinny Tam
Rajata S Tanna
Amy Tao
Albert Tarendash
Peggy Tchalikian
Clement Teise
Antonia Tenenbaum
Alexandra Tenenbaum
Alan Scott Tenenbaum
Corazon Terzo
Madeline Teska
Elizabeth Teska
Olivia Teska
Philip Tham
Kalyani Theivanayagam
Kathleen Theriot
Gregory and Kim Theurer
Harald Thieck
Laura Thieck
John Thomaides
Lindsay Thomas
Deborah Thompson
Time to Clean, Inc.
Kathryn Timpson
Dennis Toft
Nadine Tokash
Joseph and Clare Toland
Kellianne Toland
Ted Tolles
Ghavam Tolouie
Lauri Trager
Lisa Traum
Peter Trebour
James Treger
Robert Treible
Donald Treich
Adrienne Trivella
Allison Trovato
Rich Truche
Mark Truglio
Sharon Trujillo
Joey Tsai
Elsa Tsuji
John Tsanas
Kimberly F Tulloch
Sindy Tulsky
Christopher Tyler
William Tyler
Geovanny Ugalde
William Umana
Eme Una-Efiong
Patty Uzzolino
Alan Vales
Roger Vales
Maryann Valley
Tracey and Paul Van Dillen
Rich Van Doren
Dirk Van Roon
Angela Vanderploeg
Luz Elena Vargas
Monserrat Vargas
M. Lynn Vassil
Michele Vaters
Catherine Vaz Davila
Shielah Velarde
Brooke Venneri
Rose Marie Vergara
Verizon Foundation
Elizabeth Vetter
Jessica Viana
Jose Villalta
Dennis Villegas
Joanne Voci
Christine Voegeli
Irina Volchenkova
Anne Vollrath
Duytam Vu
Shawn Wade
Shalu Wadhwa
Denise Waeschle
Frederic Wagstaff
Katie Walker
Randy Walker
Julia Wall
Richard Walther
Jennifer Wang
Lily Wang
Lalit Wangikar
Christine Weber
Robin Weber
Patricia Webster
Barbara Weeks
Marissa Weidenborner
Lori Weiner
Michael Weinmann
Julia Weir
Dan Weiss
David Wellbrock
Cynthia Welton
Marta Wendroff
Michael Werner
Julia Wesolowski
Catherine Westdyk
Andrew Westhuis
Courtney Wheeler
Cory Wheeler
Mary Wheeler
Angela White
Marsh White
Pamela White
Ann Whitman
Elizabeth Whittam
Gail Whitting
Tana Wilberg
Brandon Wilkins
Chelsea Wilkinson
Gregory Wilkinson
The Willard Family
Clare Williams
Michelle Williams
Sarah Williams
Trina Williams
Katherine Willis
Constance and Michael Wills
Catherine Wilson
Matthew C. Wilson
Amy Wise
Kimberly Wolf
Patricia Wolf
Linda and Wally Wolfe
Melissa Wolffe
Lydia Wong
Laurie Wood
Linda Wooden
Christy Worsoe
Susan Woulfin
Jing Feng and Xiao Hui Wu
Wenju Wu
Andy Yacos
Ruth Yang
Suzanne Yarnall
Gilbert Yee
Michael Yesenko
Mary Lou Yocco
Guadalupe Yonker
Kevin Young
Lindsey Wang
Jenn Yu
Hector Zamalloa
Grace Zarate
Rich Zawacki
Rezi Zeelens
Paul Zeller
Diane Zerweck
Kathy Zerweck
Jingzhu Zhang
Jana Zilbergeld
Michael Zilligen
Walter Zimmerman
Sandra and Matthew Zimmermann
Lauren Zugale
Miriam and Paul Zukoff

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Our YMCA is one of the area’s largest charitable organizations. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we make financial assistance
available to help pay for membership or program fees. If you need assistance apply now. If you can help us help others, Donate Now.

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