Endowment Donors

We are honored to recognize and extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following individuals and organizations. Our sincerest apologies for any errors or omissions.

Michael & Jenny Messner & Family         
Eileen & Don Moriarty

$250,000 to $499,000
Litterman Family Foundation                
Bob Moriarty & Lisa Grattan                  
WJS Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999
Christopher and Susan Birosak
The Cho Family
Chan and Jane Coddington
Ashley and Linda Cooper
Hubert N. Fiaccone
Linda and Bob Flanagan
Bob and Barbara Jones
Jack and Catherine Lyness
Robert and Cindy Martin
Edgar and Mary Mokuvos
Patrick and Deirdre Quinn
John A. Reid, Jr.
Bill and Kathleen Strott

$50,000 to $99,999
Cummings Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. DeMuth
Laura & Bill Gump
Carole & Malcolm Schwartz

$25,000 to $49,999
Amanda & Steve
Ford Helene & Walter Hulse
Rob & Colleen Jeffries
Eric & Ellen LeGoff
Lex Maultsby & Polly Palumbo
Mark & Dana Murphy
Stephan & Judith Newhouse
Harry & Patty Olsen
Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Parsons
Robert & Nora Radest
Tripp & Sheila Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Thomas
Timothy & Hope Weidman
Patrick & Carol Welsh
Toby & Betsy Wesson

$10,000 to $24,999
Mia Andersen
Emily Aprea & Marc D’Auria
Elizabeth & James Baxley
Kim & Robert Bredahl
Tyler H. & David C. Farrand
Richard M. Harrison
Barbara & Joseph Hunt
Milton & Melody Irvin
Gayle Petty-Johnson & Darrell E. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Killian
Mary Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. LoBosco
Lucinda Mercer & Richard Cole
The Miller Family
Thomas O’Flynn & Cheryl Barr
Peter & Lauren Pardo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Neale X. Trangucci
Frederick Watts & Celia Colbert

Anonymous (2)
Mark & Emily Baker
Debbie & Randy Barker
Ann Beardsley
Bruce & Beth Black
Andrew & Nikki Bobbitt
Ann Borowiec
Robert B. Bourne & Carolann Clynes
Mr. & Mrs. Kieran Burke
Lise & Andrew Chapman
Carol & Andy Cowherd
Betsy & John Crosby
Emmett & Regina Daly
David Dietze & Claire Toth
Amy & Carmine DiSibio
Linda Budinich & Jerry Dugan
Annette & Terence Dwyer
Gregory Fernicola
Elizabeth J. Fritzen
Archie Gottesman & Gary DeBode
Patsy & Bill Hammond
Mr. Karl Hersch & Mrs. Sherel Hersch
Hilltop Community Bank
Russell Hulsizer
Jeck Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Kelso
Robert & Nancy King
Jeanne & Edward Kingsley
Ms. Mara Kurka
Barbara & George Lucaci
Ellen & Robert Moore
Mark & Nora Muller
Ms. Carla Panzitta
Richard & Kayla Pechter
Joe Rehfuss
Peter & Leigh Rossoff
Lewis & Phyllis Sank
Donald & Sarah Slaght
Jeff Sobel & Hyona Revere
Cora & Bill Sterling
Mr. & Mrs. David Twardock
Deborah & Franklin Wyman

In Memory of Rosalie Cox Volkening
In Memory of (Joe) Fiaccone
In Memory of Adrienne Reid
In Memory of Nat Lee
In Memory of Lucy Hope Tinker
125th Campaign Staff

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